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​Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusion

July 1, 2024



The Nueva School seeks applications for a Director of Institutional Equity and Inclusion to lead the school’s strategic work in the areas of equity, diversity, and inclusion across all three divisions. A visionary and compassionate leader, this person will be joining a PreK–12 school already engaged in challenging systems of inequity and seeking to deepen its commitment to creating a Beloved Community rooted in a culture of dignity. Candidates should embrace the culture of innovation encouraged at Nueva and possess a radical imagination and inquisitive spirit, a can-do attitude, and the critical hope necessary to envision and inspire members of the community to build the world we want to live in. The role is multi-faceted and intersects with curriculum, pedagogy, strategic planning, professional development, parent education, student support, and community-building.

About Nueva

The Nueva School is where gifted learners discover and develop their passions, and learn to make choices that positively and profoundly impact the world. Since 1967, Nueva has offered an innovative and award winning learning experience specifically designed to meet the needs of gifted learners. By creating an inspirational community-based environment, Nueva seeks to unlock the passions, purpose, and potential in each student while inspiring a lifelong love of learning. Their unique constructivist program directs intellectual growth and development through integrated curricula, guided by experienced faculty with subject-area expertise.

Key Responsibilities

The director is responsible for the strategic vision and implementation of Nueva’s equity and inclusion work and is tasked with further developing and implementing systems, structures, and processes that enable its community members to uphold an authentic commitment to building a place of belonging where all can thrive. As a dynamic learning institution, the Nueva community recognizes that there is still considerable work to do within this realm and is looking for an individual who can continue pushing our school community forward.

Desired Talents and Experiences 

Nueva seeks an inspiring, passionate, and relational leader who blends a data-driven and heart-centered approach to building a Beloved Community at Nueva. This individual will have a high EQ and model what it means to listen with empathy and lead with care and conviction. The director will have the proven ability to guide all stakeholders through their respective equity journeys and meaningfully engage our community in the challenging and richly rewarding path towards equity, inclusion, and belonging.


This is a full-time position that will be performed on site in California. Nueva provides excellent benefits and salaries that are competitive and commensurate with work experience and education. The salary range for this position is $150,000 – $225,000. The upper end of the salary range is reserved for extremely experienced and qualified individuals.

We offer a full benefits package that includes fully paid medical, dental, vision, life insurance for employees, employer contribution toward dependent insurance premium, a generous match on our 403(b) retirement plan, long-term and short-term disability insurance, employer match into a flexible spending account, and free lunch.  Eligibility rules apply.

Application Process

The search is beginning in December of 2023 and is anticipated to conclude before mid-March with a start date on July 1, 2024 if not sooner. Applications and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis.

Interested candidates should submit a complete dossier to the EC consultant.

Application Materials Requested:

·       EC Candidate Summary Sheet and Disclosure From (request from search consultant)

·       Letter of interest to the Nueva School Search Committee

·       CV

·       Summary/Philosophy of DEI Leadership

·       A list of three references with contact information (email and phone numbers)

Direct inquiries, applications, and nominations to: Andre’ Withers

The Nueva School is an Equal Opportunity Employer – we do not discriminate against any employee or job applicant on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, or sex. We welcome applications from people of color and those with experience outside the education field.