Request for Funding

POCIS considers funding requests from member schools that meet the following criteria:
  • Funding request amount that is no more than the membership dues of a school in any given year
  • The request is targeted towards a specific event or series of events that match our mission and vision and that will be open to all member schools at no cost
  •  The event advertising will include the POCIS logo as a partial sponsor
  • After the conclusion of the event, the organizers will provide a summary report from the event including the numbers impacted and the numbers from member schools outside of the sponsoring school after the event, the organizers will provide copy and photos for our weekly newsletter
  • Receipts for event costs and W9 forms are provided for our accounting purposes 

In your funding request, please include:

  • Event type, description, location & connection to our mission vision
  • Number of families/students anticipated
  • Prospective date or dates (if known)
  • What the funding will be used for and other potential sources of funding if this will not cover the entire cost
  • If this is an event for students, who will be chaperoning
  • How other member school caregivers/families will be included/invited to the event

Additional Information:

  • Requests for funding are reviewed on a monthly cycle and must be received before the first Monday of the month for consideration
  • Ample time must be allowed for any advertising to include the PoCIS logo
  • We recommend you request funding at least two -three months in advance  
  • No funding for events can occur after the event has happened
  • Sorry, we are unable to fund operating costs for organizations

To Submit a Request for Funding:

  • Click this link to our Contact page, include the information listed above, and be sure to check the “Request for Funding” box in the section marked, “What is the nature of your inquiry?” 
  • Thank you for applying!