College Resources for Students

Saving for College: Expert Advice and Tools to Maximize Your Savings –
Student Success Guidebook: How to Study Smarter, Find a Tutor, and Excel –
ACT Prep Guidebook for College-Bound Students –
SAT Prep Guidebook for High School and College Students –

Books and Reading List

Welcoming Schools: A Project of The Human Rights Campaign Foundation

An Annotated Bibliography of Welcoming Schools Recommended Books.

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Brown Sugar Books

Specializing in true stories about people of color.


Articles and Literature

The Atlantic: Don’t help your kids with their homework

Families As Partners

ECAP Collaborative: Parent/Teacher Relationships

Educational Psychology Review: Examining Parental Engagement and Student Motivation

Teaching Today: Effective Parent Teacher Collaboration

Action in Research: Partnerships for Social Justice in Education

NCLD: Tips for building good relationships with teachers

New York Times: The Dicey Parent-Teacher Duet

ECAP: Parent-Teacher Relationships: A Theoretical Approach For Teachers


Start Dialog

Selected Resources To Start Dialog

Children’s Literature



National Conference for Community and Justice

The National Conference for Community and Justice of Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, Inc. is the only nonpartisan human relations organization in the region dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism in America. The NCCJ promotes understanding and respect for all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution and education.


World Affairs Council of Northern California

Dedicated to engaging the public in international issues and opportunities


The Muslim American Society

MAS is a religious, charitable, social, cultural, and educational not-for-profit organization. It is a pioneering Islamic organization that uplifts the individual, family, and society. Our mission is “to move people to strive for God consciousness, liberty and justice and to convey Islam with utmost clarity.” Our vision is a “virtuous and just American society.”


NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization. From the ballot box to the classroom, the thousands of dedicated workers, organizers, leaders and members who make up the NAACP continue to fight for social justice for all Americans.


National Council of La Raza

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) – the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States – works to improve opportunities for Hispanic Americans.


Asia Society

Asia Society is the leading global and pan-Asian organization working to strengthen relationships and promote understanding among the people, leaders, and institutions of the United States and Asia. We seek to increase knowledge and enhance dialogue, encourage creative expression, and generate new ideas across the fields of arts and culture, policy and business, and education.


Pacific Islanders Cultural Association

Our mission is to develop and perpetuate through education, the histories, cultures, traditional and contemporary folk arts of the Pacific Islanders, mainly through our annual Aloha Festival.



Oyate is a Native organization working to see that our lives and histories are portrayed honestly, and so that all people will know our stories belong to us.


National Association for Multicultural Education, NAME

NAME’s main objective is to give educators of preschoolers to upper level students support and knowledge for teaching their multiethnic pupils. Founded by a university professor, information available to any member includes lesson plans and a teaching video.


White Privilege Conference

The annual White Privilege Conference (WPC) serves as a yearly opportunity to examine and explore difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and oppression. WPC provides a forum for critical discussions about diversity, multicultural education and leadership, social justice, race/racism, sexual orientation, gender relations, religion and other systems of privilege/oppression.


Applied Research Center

The Applied Research Center (ARC) is a racial justice think tank and home for media and activism. ARC is built on rigorous research and creative use of new technology. Our goal is to popularize the need for racial justice and prepare people to fight for it. By telling the stories of everyday people, ARC is a voice for unity and fairness in the structures that affect our lives.


Faculty / Staff/ Admin

Start Dialog: Courses in Cultural Competency

Creates positive learning environments where dialog guides challenging conversations around issues of social equity, cultural understanding and racial justice. Our expertise lies in facilitating dialog and providing consultation on issues of diversity and building cultural competencies in the work place and in the classroom.


Class Matters

Resources, interviews, statistics and dialog on class in the United States


The Minority Reporter

The leading resource for analyzing race in contemporary mainstream movies, challenges audiences to take an in-depth look at the global and pervasive influence of Hollywood by parsing out the complex web of historical, institutional and financial factors that influence the portrayal of race in mainstream movies.



ColorLines has been building a home for journalism in service to racial justice since 1998. Our multiracial team of writers, producers and photographers cover stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power brokers. We consider racism a structural problem that demands structural, rather than solely person solutions


Shen’s Books

Children’s books from all over the world, representing a diverse array of experiences.


Dolls Like Me

A mosaic of toys, books and resources for every different hue.


East West Discovery Press

An independent publisher and online bookseller of multicultural and bilingual books and teaching resources with an emphasis on history, culture, and social issues. Their mission is to promote understanding among people of different ethnic groups.

Online destination for people interested in dismantling bigotry and valuing diversity within oneself, at home, at school, at work or within the community. Site offers daily new, guidebooks for all ages, resources, downloadable public service announcements and games for young children


Diversity Resource Center

Professional training and resources establishing functionality and efficiency in the diverse and multicultural workplace. The organization also offers trainings


Parent & Student Resources

The Mosaic Project

The Mosaic Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, works towards a peaceful future by reaching children in their formative years. We unite young children of diverse backgrounds, provide them with essential skills to thrive in an increasingly diverse society, and empower them to strive for peace.


Family Diversity Projects

Family Diversity Projects has created award-winning travel rental exhibits, including “Of Many Colors: Portraits of Multiracial Families”&”In Our Family: Portraits of All Kinds of Families,”that tour communities nationwide and internationally. Educating people of all ages to recognize, support, and celebrate the full range of diversity; exhibits are designed to help reduce prejudice, stereotyping, and harassment of all people who are perceived to be “different” from the “norm”. Family Diversity Projects also provides speakers on diversity and workshop leaders for conference and exhibit venues.



Interracial Intercultural Pride, founded in 1978, is the oldest existing multiracial group in the U.S., based in the San Francisco Bay Area. A community based organization hosting events and meetings for multiethnic and transracially adoptive families


FUSION Summer Program for Mixed Heritage and Transracially Adopted Children

A summer camp for children 6.5-12 year olds celebrating the multiracial family experience



Based in Oakland, CA, PACT is an adoption agency that offers extensive and thorough resources supporting a transracial adoption.


Youth in Focus

The guiding vision of Youth In Focus is of a world in which youth and adults share knowledge and power to create a more just, sustainable, and democratic society. Since 1990 YIF has pursued this vision by providing training, consulting and coaching support in youth-led action research



Speak Out

Speak Out – The Institute for Democratic Education and Culture is a national non-profit organization that educates, inspires and empowers young people to become activists for social justice. Committed to social, political, cultural, environmental and economic justice, Speak Out encourages critical and imaginative thinking about domestic and international issues through artistic and educational forums nationwide.



Created by the anti-racism training company New Demographic, Racialicious combines media and racial issues to form an interested and informative blogspot for the curious and concerned.


Loving Day

The monumental day of June 12, 1967 when interracial marriage, dating, sex and living together were legalized, has been termed Loving Day after the trial of Loving vs. Virginia. Learn and celebrate this fantastic and often overlooked holiday.


Visible Voice

Visible Voice advocates the use of photography as a catalyst for social change and empowerment.