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Website The Hamlin School

Requirements:  Master’s Degree or equivalent in teaching

Reports to:  Middle School Division Head

Primary Responsibilities: Teach three sections of Grade 7 English and one section of Grade 6 Social Studies; serve as an advisor; collaborate and lesson plan with colleagues to design experiences for students; communicate and partner with parents and grade-level team through advisory program

Hours/Classification: Full-Time, Exempt

Salary Range: $75,000-$125,000 Annually (Salaries are based on years of experience)


Expectation of Employee Civility and Commitment

The Hamlin School seeks to hire employees who will support and implement the school’s mission and Creed at all times. Hamlin employees are known for being compassionate, collaborative, and dedicated professionals who treat their colleagues and supervisors with respect and who take seriously the daily care of Hamlin students. As such, Hamlin employees pay close attention to the students’ social-emotional wellbeing, their physical and mental health, and their moral development. Hamlin employees are committed to their own personal and professional growth; thus, they pay close attention to the research and innovations that impact their respective fields. All employees are expected to be flexible thinkers and nimble actors in support of the school’s overarching strategic goals and demonstrate a commitment to their colleagues’ success.

At The Hamlin School, we are committed to a policy of equal employment for all applicants and employees. As part of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace, we recruit and hire applicants with diverse backgrounds and with professional experience that shows their commitment to K-8 education and being a contributing member of the community.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide instruction in three sections of Grade 7 English and one section of Grade 6 Social Studies — approx. 18 students per class
  • Lead an advisory group of 9-12 students
  • Implement curricula as identified in the Curriculum Guide
  • Teach with an understanding of the development and growth of Middle School girls
  • Teach literature from multiple perspectives with an anti-bias lens
  • Create an inclusive classroom community where vigorous civil discourse is encouraged and expected
  • Communicate and collaborate with other faculty and staff regarding each student
  • Measure and track student progress using a variety of formative and summative assessment tools
  • Communicate with parents about the program as well as individual student progress
  • Attend grade level meetings for collaborative discussions and sharing of student concerns
  • Identify materials, resources, and technology needs for the program
  • Include use of appropriate technology tools and resources for instruction
  • Create and update course web pages
  • Participate in faculty, division, department, and advisory team meetings, and admissions/school events
  • Pursue relevant opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Supervise students in other venues such as recess, lunch, field trips, outdoor education, etc.
  • Participate in an outdoor education trip for 3-4 nights (additional stipend paid)
  • Provide 1:1/small-group student learning support through flex time and other parts of the school day
  • Other duties and/or teaching responsibilities as needed