• Full Time
  • Atherton, CA
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Position Purpose: Manages and oversees all of the safety and security functions of the Schools

Specific Expectations for Operations Staff- In addition to duties and essential job functions listed in job descriptions, the following responsibilities are expected of all employees in the Operations department as appropriate:

  • All staff are expected to maintain their school-issued tools and equipment in good working order at all times
  • All staff are expected to wear the appropriate uniform during their working hours
  • All staff are expected to be available to work beyond the regular work schedule as directed and approved by their supervisor
  • All staff are required to wear personal protective equipment for jobs requiring a certain level of protection
  • All staff must complete training on all equipment used for their job function prior to using the equipment
  • All staff are required to submit time-off requests two weeks prior to date(s) requested.  All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis according to business need
  • All staff are required to coordinate job duty responsibilities with their manager prior to taking scheduled time off
  • All staff are responsible for policing their assigned areas for hazards, cleanliness, and maintenance and addressing as necessary or escalating it to the appropriate resolution channel
  • All staff are required to notify their supervisor immediately if an unsafe condition is discovered or encountered
  • All staff are required to work safely and in accordance with local, state, and federal laws, industry standards, and School directed safe practices
  • All employees will be paid appropriately and according to current law. Staff may be required to work outside of regular work schedule as directed by their supervisor.  No work outside the schedule can be performed without permission.

Essential Functions

  • Responsible for oversight of all safety and physical security functions of the Schools including:
  • Developing and implementing safety & security standards, policies, and practices, reviewing and evaluating regularly to ensure ongoing relevance and a high level of effectiveness of all programs;
  • Partner, coordinate, and consult with Sacred Heart Prep (SHP) and P-8 campus administrators to support and direct emergency drills, assuming a proactive approach to safety and security that includes training programs for students, and educators. Instruct SHS community on alerts and warnings and how to contact security personnel;
  • Coordinate with security operational, technical, and engineering experts and 3rd party vendors for potential solutions to security issues.  Research, assess, and recommend security techniques, technologies, and training to further improve security;
  • Primarily responsible for developing RFPs for safety & security contractors, screening the proposals and facilitating the selection process. Regularly review the third-party security vendor agreement and recommend changes if necessary to ensure a high level of service that adapts to the changing needs of SHS;
  • Responsible for managing the scheduling, training, and coordination of security personnel to ensure a smooth integration into SHS community and culture in consultation with COO;
  • Maintain access control system and analytics integrated with the camera and digital recording platform;
  • Be the architect of the key and lock scheme, maintain the inventory, and manage the distribution of all door, case keys, access devices, and ID cards in partnership with other Operations team members;
  • Develop, implement, and maintain an Emergency Response Plan for violence against students, educators, and visitors to campus;
  • Oversee security operations on a 24/7 basis to respond to emergencies, ensure security for planned and unplanned school business and special activities as needed;
  • Coordinate in advance with the Operations team and security vendor to develop, implement and manage security for events;
  • Actively participate in Sacred Heart Emergency Response Team (SHERT) including coordinating with SHERT to support emergency planning and response for students, and educators. Maintain SHERT supplies and trailers;
  • Develop and maintain active and collaborative relationships with neighboring schools, the Atherton Police Department, and their School Resource Officer Program;
  • Monitor local and regional community events that may potentially impact the school and make recommendations for adjusting our security as necessary;
  • Coordinate, problem-solve, and execute plans and actions for student drop-off and pick-up and suggest technological solutions to aid in this function;
  • Additional duties as directed.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or another relevant field or a combination of education, training and work history proving at least five years of progressive experience in security management and administration. Experience signifying a broad range of security challenges. and responsibilities including but not limited to demonstrated experience in managing security operations, security personnel, and outsource management;
  • A clear commitment to the educational philosophy of the school as articulated in the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools and professional behavior modeled on these principles;
  • Technology skills sufficient to prepare reports in Excel and Word required.  Additional skills in PowerPoint preferred;
  •  Ability to manage and navigate security analytics software and hardware or experience demonstrating an ability to learn these skills quickly;
  • Proficiency with security system navigation, implementation, survey and audit requirements;
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written) in English and confidence in conveying information to all facets of the community, including teachers, administrators, trustees, parents, students, and the outer community.  Additional skills in Spanish preferred;
  • Must hold a valid CA driver’s license with a clean driving record.  Able to operate a variety of vehicles and machines.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

  • Frequently lift equipment and materials weighing 50 pounds or more;
  • Crawl, climb ladders, twist, turn, and reach in completing a variety of job duties;
  • Works in a busy and often stressful environment dealing with a wide variety of challenges, deadlines, and a varied and diverse array of individuals and circumstances;
  • Work outside in hot or cold conditions for extended periods of time; may also work at a desk and computer for extended periods of time.  Perform work in a wide variety of environments as found in all areas of the school including the roofs.
  • Ability to travel safely and comfortably over a 64 acre campus;
  • Demonstrated excellent attendance and punctuality.