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This is a temporary position to cover for Employee Leave and will begin in November 2022 through the end of the school year in June 2023.

Under the direction of the Chief Operating Officer and the Division Director, or other members of school management, the Preschool Campus & Office Manager oversees, coordinates, organizes and performs the day-to-day administrative, logistical and operational functions of the preschool office and campus, provides limited executive assistance to the Division Director and manages La Scuola’s internal communications. The COM serves as liaison between faculty, staff, children, parents and the community. With the support of the Division and Facilities Directors and in collaboration with the Leadership Team, the individual ensures compliance with all of California Childcare Licensing and State Laws, Title 22 regulations, city fire code, and other safety/security regulations. Individual is an integral representative of the preschool and serves as the frontline manager for the campus.

Duties will be generally in the area of managing the school administrative office and front desk, including organizing student drop-off, pick-up, and breaks when needed, supporting the Division Director, overseeing the basic scheduling, functional and facilities needs of the school campus, managing the returning student re-enrollment forms, assisting in meeting any pandemic-related requirements and other duties as may be assigned by the Division Director, Chief Operating Officer or Head of School.

They effectively communicate in oral and written form, establish and maintain a variety of complex, privileged and sensitive files and records and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with contractors, vendors, government regulators and others. The individual is the preschool’s primary point of contact and fields preschool queries to the appropriate department/person as needed.

Duties & Responsibilities


-Oversees, coordinates, organizes and performs the day-to-day functions needed for the smooth operations of the office; provides leadership to school administrative activities in the absence of the Chief Operating Officer or Division Director
-Recommends and implements process changes to drive efficiency
-Enters, maintains and updates data in a variety of databases; runs reports as needed
-Maintains preschool office files
-Provides assistance to staff including providing various student information, assisting with field trips, completing forms, etc.
-Opens mail and receives packages daily and distributes to staff
-Answers the phone, checks voicemail and take messages as needed
-Maintains school memberships
-Supports with Summer Camp as needed
-Performs other related duties and assists office staff as assigned
-Maintains Committees binder and sets up for meetings; collects minutes from committee heads
-Organizes and restocks office and coffee supplies
-Ensures that the office is kept clean and tidy
-Operates a computer with knowledge of specific software programs; arranges for repair and maintenance of equipment as needed
-Assists in filing proper paperwork to CCL and keeps up to date with Licensing regulations
-Manages attendance as needed


-Leads campus logistical communications to families
-Effectively communicates and escalates potential issues appropriately
-Composes, types and edits letters, bulletins, newsletters, memos, agendas and other documents as assigned
-Prepares materials for a variety of meetings (staff, committees, etc.), schedules appointments

Substitutes, Scheduling & Coverage:

-Maintains/updates Division Director’s Gmail calendar
-Coordinates with substitutes and subbing agencies, works with preschool faculty to ensure appropriate coverage in each class and steps in if necessary

Event Management:

-In collaboration with Marketing Manager and Event Manager, manages school event flow and preparation, supervises/delegates arrangements for major school events, including, but not limited to: scheduling/notifying staff and community of events, making arrangements for refreshments and/or catering, completing set-up and clean-up or ensuring it is arranged, overseeing parent volunteers in relation to events, preparing materials with the support of other members of the administration

Forms & Database Maintenance:

-Supports student enrollment process in collaboration with Admissions Director and Admissions Associate; assists parents with proper completion of forms if needed; orients new families and students to the school when needed
-Maintains and updates student records as assigned and in collaboration with the Division Director
-Keeps family roster updated
-Maintains preschool office files

Student Support

-Supports student enrollment process in collaboration with Admissions Director and Admissions Associate; assists parents with proper completion of forms if needed; orients new families and students to the school when needed
-Provides assistance to staff including providing various student information, assisting with field trips, completing forms, etc.
-Ability to step in and supervise classes during the school day as needed; knowledge of school disciplinary procedures and protocols
-Supervises students sent to the office for disciplinary actions/health reasons

Student Safety

-Performs health-related duties in the absence of the Division Director such as: administers first aid to students and staff; dispenses medication according to prescription instructions; notifies parents of ill or injured student
-Manages Pandemic-related needs on and off campus
-Communicates with parents as needed and in collaboration with Division Director


-Oversees facilities daily in conjunction with the Facilities Manager; schedules maintenance and repairs as needed
-Ensures that all safety and security systems are fully functioning
-Communicates with Facilities team when there are issues that need to be addressed
-Ensures that the office is kept clean and tidy
-Ensures campus office supplies are well stocked and that equipment is functioning.
-Supports with Summer Camp and facility rentals as needed

Meal Program:

-Works with meal service provider to ensure feedback on meal program is shared and improvements are made as needed
-Communicates all allergies and headcount to food service provider on a  rolling basis and changes as needed.

Executive Assistant Duties

-The assistant to the Division Director reports to the Division Director and is responsible for all issues relating to the school, as delegated by the Division Director (DD). These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following areas:

-Schedules the DD’s appointments and meetings
-Handles the DD’s correspondence and general correspondence to parent body
-Prepares the DD’s weekly memoranda
-Screens the DD’s telephone calls and takes messages
-Sorts the DD’s mail and prepares response (when necessary); maintains and updates standard letters
-Supports maintenance of family, faculty, and various other databases
-Prepares and manages the school calendar
-Assumes responsibility for special research and other projects for the DD
-Performs other duties as assigned by the DD
-Supports the school and its leadership

The Preschool Campus Manager possesses exceptional personal, organizational and communication skills, flexibility and the ability to prioritize tasks. Ability to relate effectively with a diverse community, including staff, students, and parents. Demonstrated ability to work with a wide variety of community groups and organizations. Integrity, discretion, the ability to maintain all information strictly confidential and commitment to the mission of La Scuola are a must.

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