Membership Type change

You have selected the School Admin membership type.

This membership type is for people who will administrate their school's POCIS membership (including paying dues). You will be asked to add information about your school. Your account will allow you to:
  • Pay membership dues for your school
  • View all job listings
  • Bookmark jobs
  • Get weekly job alerts
  • Create new job listings
  • Create new events

For school employers who wish to pay membership dues for their school.

Pricing is based on number of students enrolled at your school.

  • Less than 100 Students: $500
  • 101 to 249 students: $900
  • 250 to 499 students: $1500
  • 500 or more students: $2000
  • Allows you to pay dues on behalf of your school.
  • Allows you and all school members to view & post jobs, and view & post events.
  • You will be subscribed to the weekly email digest of job listings and upcoming events.

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