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Windward School, a grade 7-12 college-preparatory, independent day school in vibrant West Los Angeles, seeks an experienced educator to join our Athletics Department. Windward faculty and administrative leaders continually seek best practices and educational partnerships to help our students and faculty pursue their passions, engage in cutting edge work, and lead meaningful lives.

Windward’s mission, as a college-preparatory school, is to challenge each student to achieve academic excellence in a nurturing environment. Windward teachers, parents, and administrators work as a team to encourage each student to be responsible, caring, well, informed, ethical and prepared, thus promoting the fullest development of the individual.

Windward School is looking for a Boys Basketball Program Lead for the 2022-2023 school year. In addition to coaching Boys basketball, the position will include joining the Windward Athletic Department full-time. The Boys Basketball Windward Program Lead is responsible for the administration and management of a vertically integrated program that is designed to meet the needs and interests of the school community.  This includes all aspects of the program, including the player development, social-emotional development, academic support of scholar-athletes, scheduling, teaching classes, team concepts, working closely in a collaborative TEAM environment, clear and timely communication with community members.

Primary Responsibilities:

●     Lead and supervise coaching staff throughout the program and perform season preview and review meetings in collaboration with the Athletic Leadership TEAM.

●     Supervise and maintain appropriate student behavior during practices and contests, both on and off-campus, in accordance with Windward Student Guidelines and Expectations (see Windward School Handbook).

●     Maintain open and positive communication with students, parents, athletic trainers, and the Athletic Leadership TEAM

●     Establish performance criteria for competition and evaluate students’ athletic abilities initially and on a regular basis.

●     Complete Upper School program schedules for both Varsity and JV TEAMs.

●     Report all scores immediately after completion to CIF-SS Home Campus

●     Post your schedule, roster, TEAM picture, and results to the CIF Home website in a timely manner.

●     Hold parent meetings prior to the start of each season in collaboration with the Athletic Leadership TEAM.

●     Monitor and enforce student eligibility criteria for extracurricular participation. Establish connections with outside constituencies to help identify and attract possible scholar-athletes.

●     Take all necessary precautions to protect scholar-athletes, equipment, and facilities.

●     Maintain safety as a top priority.

●     Keep informed of, and ensure compliance with, all CIF rules and regulations.

●     Secure Windward equipment and facilities at the end of practice/matches daily.

●     Distribute a digital copy of the Windward Athletics Handbook and any individual TEAM handbook to athletes and parents, setting out the philosophy and expectations of the program.

●     Complete an inventory (uniforms and equipment middle and upper school) of the program no later than two months prior to the season.

●     Assess the need for any purchase of uniforms for the upcoming season at least two months prior to the start of the season, for both Upper School and Middle School. The Athletic Director must sign any quote or approve a purchase via email.

●     Distribute uniforms and obtain student signatures for the items issued.  Collect all uniforms and program equipment and return them to Windward in a timely manner upon completion of the season.

●     Work with BSN TEAM Sports Dealer to make spirit packs available in a timely fashion for families to order. All purchases must be approved by the Director of Athletics or a member of the Athletic Leadership TEAM.

●     Attend the following events: seasonal coaches’ meetings, parent athletic orientations, Windward Open Houses (as requested), All-League meetings, and other events as needed.

●     Take an active role in communication with all stakeholders of our community.

●     Organize in & out of season practices & events. Maintain consistent communication  with parents, athletic leadership, & athletic medicine on the schedule.


●      A Bachelor’s degree is preferred.

●      3-5 years experience in coaching middle school or high school athletes.

●      Experience working in independent school communities preferred

●      A demonstrable passion for working with young people.

●      Adhere to the mission and values of the school.

●      Willingness to contribute to school life outside of athletes

●      A proven commitment to the safeguarding and welfare of children and young peopleServe as an exemplary role model for the community at all times.

●      Instruct and demonstrate skill sets and techniques necessary for both individual and TEAM achievement.

●      Maintain a google calendar individually and programmatically.

●      A desire to participate in professional development opportunities related

●      Evidence of significant recent professional development related to coaching

This is a great chance to be part of a dynamic, close-knit, independent school culture and community.

For more information about Windward School, see our website:

To Apply: All interested candidates should send a resume, three letters of recommendation and a letter of interest via the Application link.


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