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PKS is seeking an educator and school leader who loves working with middle schoolers and is excited to work to develop and expand our High School guidance process. The Head of High School Counseling will develop deep, holistic relationships with our students and families by leading the Middle School Advisory Program. The successful candidate will lead the High School placement program, building close partnerships with Bay Area High Schools.  In conjunction with the Head of Middle School and the middle school team, they will create new systems of high school guidance that are designed to meet the needs of the PKS community.

To further strengthen student relationships, the role is expected to teach a core middle school subject and/or electives to 6th, 7th and/or 8th graders. The position is a full-time, exempt role, reporting to the Head of Middle School.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Lead the high school placement cycle.
  • Build partnerships between parents and PKS that center and support students’ journeys through the high school placement process.
  • Be responsive and available for students and families throughout the high school placement process.
  • Plan and deliver programming in collaboration with the Middle School faculty and the Wellness team to prepare and support families and students to help them better understand and navigate the intricacies of the high school admissions process.
  • Guide students and families as they move through the high school admissions process, provide coaching about high school visits, interviews, and applications.
  • Keep current on the various high school application and admission procedures, specifically in the Bay Area, including financial aid programs through research, participating in high school campus visits and tours, and networking with high school admissions and placement professionals.
  • Teach two sections of math, English, or Chinese classes (depending on background).
  • Advise a group of around 8 middle school students and work with them in a daily advisory block (focused on social emotional health and good decision making).
  • Work with the Wellness Team, Middle School teachers, and the Head of Middle School to create a warm, caring, joyful learning community.
  • Participate in reflection and coaching activities.
  • Help chaperone a 10–14-day trip to Hawaii or Asia each year and take on a leadership role in organizing the travel program.
  • Write letters of recommendation for our high school applicants.
  • Maintain open communication with parents.

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