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Live Oak is accepting resumes for a Middle School Science Teacher to begin in August, 2024. Applicants should have experience as head teachers, professional training, enjoy collaborative work on curriculum development, demonstrate a commitment to issues of equity and social justice, and feel a resonance with the school’s mission, vision, values, and educational philosophy. Please submit a resume, cover letter, and statement of educational philosophy.

Primary Responsibilities of the Middle School Science Teacher:

-The middle school science teacher is responsible for the planning, consistent documentation, and implementation of the middle school science program, in accordance with the NGSS standards and school’s educational philosophy, established scope and sequence, and adopted resources.
-Estimated course load: Teach 1 grade level of science (which is the equivalent of 4 sections of middle school); oversee a weekly club; and participate in duties and study halls.
-Engage in self-reflection and professional growth through goal setting, participation in the PGP program, and attending PD opportunities.
-Lead an advisory group of middle school students, collaborate with grade-level team on content.
-Collaborate with Middle School Learning Specialist, School Counselor, and Dean of Student Life in providing students with academic and social support, and attend family/support meetings as needed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Participate in staff, middle school division, science department, team meetings as needed to accomplish the goals of the program.
-Facilitate and record notes for advisees’ student-led Fall and Spring parent conferences.
-Develop and implement robust assessment practices; provide regular feedback to students.
-Prepare trimester report cards and midterm reports.
-Guide student portfolio work.
-Coordinate Acorn Stories.
-Coordinate science field trips and participate in advisory field trips throughout the year.
-Communicate regularly with families (send assessed work home, and write posts to class websites and articles).
-Lead a Grove.
-Participate in the middle school internal subbing program.
-Supervise students during lunch, recess, and middle school assemblies.Collaborate with the grade-level team in planning and implementing New Student Orientation.

Additional Program Expectations:

-Supports admissions’ work through hosting tours and visitors, as well as participating in the Middle School -Open House.
-Participate in the Middle School BTSN.
-Participate in Camp Live Oak.
-Support students during one evening event, such as the Middle School Music Festival, middle school dance, or movie night.
-Attend the MS Music Festival/MS Drama Productions/Art Show.
-Participate in the outdoor ed/travel overnight education trip.
-Write speeches for graduates and attend the Eighth Grade Reflections Ceremony (to be determined by -previous experience with the graduating class.)

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