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Marin Academy seeks an experienced English teacher for a full-time position beginning in August of 2021. The MA English Department values a student-centered, inquiry-based approach to teaching that balances content mastery with an emphasis on skill development. In the English Department we believe in:

  • cultivating astute, nuanced, and reflective critical thinkers through reading and writing;
  • fostering good habits of mind—specifically collaboration, intellectual risk-taking, and creative approaches;
  • honoring difference and multiple perspectives to develop cultural competency and an open mind;
  • and developing skills for thoughtful and original self-expression.

Ideally, candidates will have at least five years of teaching experience, a degree in English, and a strong desire to teach core ninth or tenth-grade courses in addition to upper-level English and humanities elective courses. Preferred candidates will have a strong background in the teaching of writing, a demonstrated interest in working collaboratively within and across departments, and the inclination and experience to work in a diverse community focused on issues of equity and social justice. 

Marin Academy’s mission statement “asks every individual to think, question, and create in an environment of encouragement and compassion, and challenges each person to accept the responsibilities posed by education in a democratic society.” In addition, MA is in the early years of an ambitious strategic plan which emphasizes interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching and learning, competency-based assessment, and equity and inclusion. Candidates eager to work toward these strategic goals will be prioritized in our search progress. Furthermore, we welcome candidates who are eager to grow in their professional lives and who demonstrate a willingness and an ability to engage in reflection on their practice.

MA values the inclusion of many voices and perspectives, and candidates should have the inclination and experience to work in a diverse community focused on issues of equity and social justice. In addition, we highly value the student-teacher relationship. Individuals with a demonstrated desire to play roles across the school including but not limited to advising, leading student activities, coaching and/or supporting other key programs are encouraged to apply.

The school is a vibrant and diverse community, and students and teachers alike continue to work towards the furthering of an inclusive and supportive school. Marin Academy is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity, and people of color and women are encouraged to apply.  For more information about Marin Academy, please visit our website (www.ma.org).

Please send resume and letter of interest to: 

Stella Beale

Dean of Faculty


To apply for this job email your details to sbeale@ma.org