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Job Title:       Learning Specialist 2nd-8th grade

Job Class: Full Time, Exempt.

Reports to:    Principal


The Head of School is seeking faculty and staff members who, in addition to their specific responsibilities, demonstrate the following:

Enjoy working in an international, diverse school environment;
Share in our values of bilingualism, educational excellence, diversity, international mindedness, and character;
Support the mission and vision of EBI;
Bring a positive attitude and a sense of professionalism to the School community;
Embody all attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

The role of the Learning Specialist is to support all students, and specifically students with different learning profiles, through targeted academic support, including intervention and case management, as well as partnership with teachers, administrators, and families. The Learning Specialist reports to the 2nd-8th grade Principal.

Collaborate with the Principals and teachers regarding students’ accommodations and support needs, and serve as a resource to the student’s support team
Work alongside other Learning Specialists in the Service-Learning Department.
Member of Student Succes team
Work effectively with an assigned caseload of 2nd-8th grade students, providing direct support through one-to-one, small group and/or push-in support as appropriate to students’ needs.
Meet regularly to collaborate with the Learning Specialist team.
Collaboratively develop a transition plan for students moving in and out of the division.
Maintain appropriate confidentiality of student information within and outside the school community
Educate faculty, families, and students about learning differences, teaching styles, and strategies, and provide feedback on professional development need opportunities.
Collaborate to implement and coordinate the overall learning services program for second through eight grades.
Other duties as assigned.
Identification and Screening:
Observe classes to get to know all learners in the division
Screen children for learning, behavioral and developmental differences; and works with teachers and parents to recommend outside testing, tutoring, or other indicated special services.
Make referrals to families for professional evaluation and ongoing support.
Managing Student Caseload and Student Support Team:
Read, interpret and translate educational testing into appropriate accommodations and/or interventions.
Create and/or update the learning plan for the students the LS caseload on annual basis.
Share the learning plan with teachers working with the students on the LS caseload and monitor that the learning plans are being met.
Lead student support meetings and share information with all members of a student’s learning team (student, parent, teachers, outside professionals) as necessary to ensure learning team cohesion and support the student’s progress.
Collect and maintain records, goals, notes, and progress for students on caseload.
Collaborate with other faculty and staff as needed to best support all students.
Communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress and invite their participation and questions.
Facilitate and coordinate communication between families, the school, and any outside service providers or agencies to effectively support students. This includes screenings from outside contracted specialists.
Collaborate with faculty members to recommend curricular modifications to the division head and/or implement instructional techniques to reach all learners.
Leads the collaborative process of developing and documenting the learning plan for students on the LS caseload, for students with new diagnosis, and for students having demonstrated a learning need.

Supporting Faculty and Staff:
Work to develop faculty capacity and skills in working with all students, including students with learning differences.
Support teachers to meet the learning needs of all students.
Plan with teachers to create lessons and learning experiences in a differentiated manner.
Student Progress, Data Interpretation, and Standardized Testing:
Regularly review student progress indicators, including standardized test scores, with the division head to identify any indicators of students needing support
Ensure student access to needed standardized testing accommodations and coordinate ERB testing schedule and support for teachers for all students.
Master’s degree in education, special education, or educational therapy
Minimum of three years experience in elementary education
Experience using neuropsychological evaluations, IEPs, and related educational assessment tools to assist with interpreting scores, implementing accommodations, allocating resources, and helping teachers and families understand their students’ learning needs
Excellent writing, communication, and teamwork skills
Must be organized and detail-oriented and exhibit technical/computer skills as required for job performance
Demonstrate an interest in staying current on education and LD research and best practices
Demonstrate knowledge of managing student data with confidentiality
Fluency in English and Spanish highly preferred.
Application Process

To be considered for the position, please complete an application, and send a letter of interest, a resume, and contact information for at least three professional references, including supervisors, to Raquel Vizcaíno, Principal (2-8) at rvizcaino@ebinternacional.org. Please generate all documents as one MS Word doc or a converted PDF file. Incomplete files, or files or candidates that do not meet the desired qualifications, will not be considered.

EBI is an equal opportunity employer