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This is an exempt, full-time position (scroll down for Chinese)


Join the vibrant community at the Chinese American International School’s new Forever Home campus on 19th Avenue as a Bilingual (Mandarin/English) Library, Media, and Information Specialist. Experienced librarians and lead teachers with a strong ability and willingness to take on a new role and skillset are invited to become part of a team striving to be the world’s most innovative, inspiring, and influential Chinese English dual-language immersion school.


The ideal candidate finds resonance with CAIS’s mission to Embrace Chinese, Become Our Best Selves, and Contribute to a Better World; our Core Values of Courage, Curiosity, Inclusion, Kindness, and Perseverance; and our ​Strategic Vision 2020-2025​ to Reimagine CAIS, Reimagine Success. As CAIS aims to empower independent, effective, and inspired learners, we look for a candidate with vision and skills to build our new home’s library program.  Our world-class facility awaits the creative and programmatic expertise of a specialist who will develop the library into an academic and community hub of our school. This candidate will collaborate with homeroom teachers to implement research and media literacy skills, along with nurturing the reading lives of all students. Within the framework of a strong curricular vision supported by English and Chinese program directors, the candidate will enjoy considerable autonomy in developing this program.

CAIS offers a dynamic, dual culture setting in which faculty are immersed in a culture of language learners. We look for a candidate who will embrace CAIS’s work to create an equitable, inclusive environment where all faculty, students, and families are supported in their individual identities. We welcome all applicants who aim to actively support and participate in our diverse and inclusive community.


  • Develop a vision and program for our beautiful new library space
  • Maintain a relevant, engaging, developmentally appropriate book collection in Mandarin and English languages
  • Create and maintain a physically inviting, functional, student-centered library space
  • Partner with English and Chinese faculty to provide resources to support curriculum and instruction
  • Build and implement a media literacy and digital citizenship curriculum
  • Build on CAIS students’ love of reading by establishing the library as a community hub with appropriate and engaging programming (eg book challenges, book clubs, displays)
  • Partner with teachers to create developmentally appropriate research guides for curricular units and support in classroom research process
  • Provide teachers resources with emergent curricular topics based off of current events or class areas of interest
  • Support and extend the curriculum in myriad creative ways


  • BA or BS; classroom or library experience; commitment to develop skills as a library and information specialist
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, and managerial skills and a cooperative team approach
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Initial and continued criminal background clearance by DOJ and FBI
  • Initial and continued tuberculosis clearance


We value, but do not require, the following attributes:

  • Teaching credential, Master’s in Education (M.Ed.), MLIS, or equivalent
  • MLIS degree or willingness to work toward one
  • Native or near-native Mandarin proficiency strongly preferred



The CAIS Board of Trustees and administration are expressly dedicated to ensuring that CAIS is a great place to work. The school is committed to attracting, developing, retaining, and rewarding top-tier employees with a strong benefits package. The salary range for this position is: $83,000-$120,200, based on experience. Please see the final page for a description of benefits.


As the nation’s first Mandarin Immersion Preschool through 8th grade school, CAIS embodies our mission by working continuously to maintain our role as a leader in immersion education. We value honest self-assessment, thoughtful self-reflection, intentional planning, and focused implementation. We are known as an ambitious school, and we are making substantial progress on our multi-year vision to reimagine immersion, reimagine our culture of learning, reimagine character and community, and reimagine our learning spaces. Since 2021, we have been using our new campus on 19th Avenue in San Francisco for athletics, arts, and community events. In September 2024, our entire community will begin the school year at our newly renovated Forever Home, which more than doubles our program space from our Hayes Valley locations and allows all divisions to be together on one spectacular campus.


CAIS’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is central to our mission. People of color and LGBTQIA candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Email cover letter, resume, and list of references to In the subject line please indicate: Library, Media, and Information Specialist.  Please no calls.

CAIS as a Workplace

Chinese American International School is dedicated to attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining world-class employees and ensuring that this is a great place to work. We put a high priority on advances in compensation, benefits, and work climate with a 2024–2025 benefits package and perks including:

Distinctively CAIS Benefits

  • Commuter benefits provided (up to $300/month)
  • Trips to China and Taiwan
  • Dynamic, dual culture setting valuing honest self assessment, thoughtful self reflection, intentional planning, and focused implementation

Financial Benefits

  • CAIS contributes 5% of your earnings immediately in a 403(B) retirement plan (no contribution required on your part)
  • Transparent salary benchmarked to the Bay Area’s competitive standards, including annual cost-of-living adjustments

Professional Development 

Robust opportunities for conferences, workshops, and courses

Health Benefits

  • CAIS pays 100% of the premium for medical, dental, vision, acupuncture, short-term disability and long-term disability, and life insurance for you (along with competitive rates for spouse and family coverage)
  • Employer-funded Health Savings Account (HSA) and Pre-tax HSA employee contribution
    Pre-tax Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for medical and dependent care

Vacation / Holiday / Paid Time Off

  • 10 Paid Federal holidays
  • Up to 2 additional days off for religious holidays
  • Accrue 11.5 days of Sick Time annually
  • Accrue 10 to 20 days of Vacation Time annually based on years of service

Quality of Life and Appreciation

  • Monthly appreciation lunches
  • Twice-yearly Faculty/Staff Appreciation Weeks
  • Annual milestones luncheon
  • Free tickets to annual dinner/dance gala
  • Lunar New Year luncheon
  • Birthday gift card





欢迎您身为中英文双语图书媒体教师,加入位于旧金山 19 大道校园的中美国际学校。我们邀请经验丰富的图书馆员和具备高技能、高意愿的资深教师担任新角色加入中美充满活力的社群,成为迈向世界上最具创新性、启发性和影响力的中英双语沉浸式学校的成员。


这名理想的候选人应与中美的使命–拥抱中华、成为最好的自我、为更美好的世界贡献自己的能力;中美的核心价值观–勇气、好奇、包容、仁慈、毅力;以及中美的2020-2025策略愿景–重新构思中美、重新构思成功 产生共鸣。由于中美旨在培养独立、高效、富有灵感的学习者,我们正在寻找一位具有远见和技能的候选人来创建位于中美永久校园的图书媒体项目。这个拥有世界顶级的图书馆学习空间等待这名教师的创造力和专业知识,来协助中美发展图书馆成为全校的学术和社群中心。候选人将与中英文教师合作,在课堂上实施研究和媒体素养技能,并激发培养学生的日常阅读兴趣。在中英文课程主任对于图书媒体教学的远见和基本框架之下,候选人将获得协助,并且同时在项目的开发上享有相当大的自主权。

中美提供教师一个活泼动态的双语文化环境,让教职员工沉浸在这个充满热爱语言学习者的文化氛围里。 我们希望候选人拥抱中美的使命工作,来创造一个公平包容的环境,让所有教职员工、学生和家庭的个人身份都得到支持。 我们欢迎所有踊跃支持并且愿意加入中美这个多元包容社群的申请人。


  • 为我们美丽的新图书馆空间制定愿景和计划
  • 收集相关的、有吸引力的且适合学生发展的中文和英语藏书
  • 建立并维护一个环境优美、功能齐全且以学生为中心的图书馆空间
  • 与中英文老师们合作,提供支持课程和教学的资源
  • 建立并实施媒体素养和数位公民课程
  • 拓展中美学生对阅读的热爱,将图书馆打造成社群中心,开展适当、吸引人的项目活动(如读书挑战、阅读社团、展览等)
  • 与老师们合作,为课程单元建立适合学生发展的研究指南,并协助支援学生的课堂研究
  • 为老师们提供基于时事或班级兴趣等方面的新兴课程话题资源



  • 文学学士或理科学士;课堂或图书馆经验;致力于发展成为图书媒体教师的技能
  • 出色的人际关系、组织和管理技能以及团队合作能力
  • 有效的书面和口头沟通技巧
  • 通过司法部和联邦调查局的初步和持续犯罪背景调查
  • 通过初步和持续的结核病检验



  • 教学证书、教育硕士(M.Ed.)或同等学历
  • 图书馆与信息科学硕士(MLIS) 学位或为获得该学位而努力的意愿
  • 中文为母语或接近母语者优先考量




作为全国第一所学前班至八年级的中文沉浸式学校,中美国际学校通过不断努力,保持我们在沉浸式教育领域的领先地位,来体现我们的使命。我们重视诚实的自我评估、缜密的自我反思、有目的性的计划和有重点性的实施。我们是一所具有雄心壮志的学校,在实现我们的多年愿景方面 – 重新构思沉浸式教育、重新构思我们的学习文化、重新构思品格和社区、重新构思我们的学习空间,取得了实质性进展。自 2021 年以来,我们不断使用位于旧金山19 大道的新校区来进行各种体育、艺术和社群活动。2024 年 9 月,全校将在我们全新装修完工的永久家园开始新学年。19大道新校区的学习活动空间将比海斯谷的地点增加一倍多以上,并使所有部门都能在一个如此壮观的校园内开展活动。




CAIS 作为工作环境

中美国际学校致力于吸引、培养、奖励和留住顶级的员工,并确保这里成为一个理想的工作环境。我们高度重视薪酬、福利和工作氛围的进步,制定了 2024-2025 年福利待遇,包括:


  • 提供通勤津贴(最高 300 美元/月)
  • 中国大陆和台湾之旅
  • 活泼动态的双语文化环境,重视诚实的自我评估、缜密的自我反思、有目的性的计划和有重点性的实施


  • 中美立即将您收入的百分之五纳入 403(B) 退休计划(您无需缴款)
  • 以湾区具有竞争力的标准为基准的透明薪酬,包括每年的生活费调整


  • 提供教师参加研讨会、工作坊和课程的学习机会


  • 中美为您支付百分之百的医疗、牙科、眼科、针灸、短期残疾、长期残疾和人寿保险费(以及配偶和家庭保险的优惠费率)
  • 雇主出资的健康储蓄账户(HSA)和税前 HSA 员工缴款
  • 用于医疗和家属护理的税前灵活支出账户(FSA)


  • 10 天带薪联邦假日
  • 宗教节日最多可增加 2 天假期
  • 每年累积 11.5 天病假
  • 根据服务年限,每年可累积 10 至 20 天的休假时间


  • 每月答谢午餐
  • 每年两次的教职员工答谢周
  • 年度里程碑午餐会
  • 免费年度晚宴/舞会门票
  • 农历新年午宴
  • 生日礼卡

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