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POCIS Circle and Celebration of Indigenous Americans at the 51st Annual Stanford Powwow

May 7, 2022 @ 11:30 am - 5:00 pm PDT


This event invites attendees to come into a circle as we reflect on our work with colleagues, families, and the greater Indigenous American communities and history in which our schools are embedded. As witness to and from our own positionalities we also celebrate members of our Indigenous communities. Through celebration we feel more deeply connected and inspired to take action in our school communities such as
formally acknowledging the history of the land they occupy, teaching a history rich with Indigenous voices, incorporating Indigenous perspectives into school policy-making, or allocating funds to ensure support of prospective and current Indigenous students.



Meet at the Stanford University Arboretum
Circle warmup and intention setting activity.
Walk into the Powwow – POCIS will cover your party’s admission.


Visit the Powwow with familiar colleagues, family, or a mixed group if you’d like that.
No formalities here!


Regather back at the Arboretum
Circle reflection activity


Return to the Powwow, depart, or join POCIS board members to continue the discussion and enjoy community on the patio at Coconut’s
Restaurant in downtown Palo Alto. A drink and bites here will be covered by POCIS. You are welcome to attend only this portion of the event!