Member Schools

Why Be A Member School?

Faculty, staff, administrators, students, and parents of POCIS Member Schools are privy to a host of diversity and social justice resources and events. Members are welcome to attend POCIS events and conferences, gain website access to utilize ED-Net (Educators for Diversity Network); curriculum guides; and network with other diversity allies, and have unlimited access to a host of other tools and opportunities to support social justice work in the Bay Area.  Join POCIS today.

What does a POCIS Member School look like?

  • Pre-collegiate, independent, nonprofit PK-12 schools located in Northern California
  • Schools where self-identified families of color and/or where self-identified adults of color (inclusive of faculty, staff, trustees, and administration) comprise of less than 50% of the school population
  • Schools that demonstrate a pre-existing intention and/or commitment to racial justice, equity, and inclusion
  • Schools that are governed by independent board of trustees

Is there the possibility of Association/Organizational Membership?

POCIS of Northern California has several associations/organizations that are members. These groups are local, state, and regional associations of independent schools, and other associations that are operated for charitable and educational purposes. The aims of organizational membership are consistent with those of POCIS to serve and strengthen equity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and racial justice in independent schools. All current and future member associations will be expected to comply with the following list of criteria:

  • Must be a nonprofit association with 501(c)(3) status supporting schools in their effort to foster racial justice
  • Demonstrate a sincere ongoing alignment to the mission of POCIS

JOIN because:

  • You support the academic achievement, professional accomplishment, and self-determination of historically underrepresented students, teachers, families and administrators.
  • Your school believes that equity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and social justice are endemic to quality education for all.


POCIS Membership

Independent School Membership 2013-2014
$1200 for independent schools with 500 or more students
$1000 for independent schools with 250 to 499 students
$600 for independent schools with less than 249 students
$325 for independent schools with less than 100 students

POCIS membership includes posting to and receiving EDNet listing
Free Attendance to all POCIS events
and more to come....


Become a member and join today.