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Tom Little receives the POCIS Tom Little Head of School Award

This evening September 30, the POCIS board announced Tom Little, head of school at Park Day School as the inaugural recipient of the POCIS Tom Little Head of School Award.

The POCIS Tom Little Head of School award is to be given to a head of school, as determined by the POCIS board and will include a personal plaque, along with a traveling plaque including the names of all previous recipients and a 2000.00 scholarship awarded to a student chosen by winning head of school

The inscription on Tom’s personal plaque will read as follows:

“Tom Little is a founding teacher at Park Day School in Oakland, California, where he has been Head of School for 29 years. As an educational leader and educator, he has been recognized nationally for developing Park Day as a model of progressive education through his tireless and sometimes under appreciated work for equity and social justice.

One of the many notable elements of Tom’s leadership is Park Day School’s decision to develop a program that requires training of parents, faculty and staff on social justice issues, to support the classroom curriculum that Park Day has had in place for so many years. For courageous and innovative work like this and beyond, we, the POCIS board, honor Tom Little’s career with the inauguration of this award.  With this, we hope to spur and support others to follow his lead.”


Congratulations Tom,
The POCIS board

Park Day School