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Tech Integrationist

To help build a cohesive K-8 technology education plan while supporting teachers in integrating technology in the classroom. Build student and teacher skills through direct instruction as needed.


The successful candidate will collaborate in the building of a curriculum that will emphasize integrated technology to support grade level classroom curriculum and projects in K-8th grade.

Be responsible for the responsible usage and care of devices, including classroom and lab computers.

This person will also:

-Collaborate with teachers to design innovative, integrated, differentiated activities and lessons.

-Research software subscriptions for students.

-Research the latest and most effective trends in educational technology


The successful applicant will have at least a Bachelor’s degree.

The candidate will possess an in-depth knowledge of academically applied technology, effective instructional delivery techniques and growing ability in student management. The School seeks applicants who have a strong academic background, experience in multicultural education, an understanding and a genuine fondness for working with students, in addition excellent communication skills, organization, and time management skills are necessary.

Candidates must have excellent interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with diverse student body, parents, teachers and staff.

Teaching candidates will need at least a BA/BS.

2 + years of teaching experience, preferred.

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