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Teacher Assistant Elementary

The San Francisco School                                   
Job Announcement
Teacher Assistant Elementary
Starts August 18, 2014
Overview of Position
Teacher Assistants support elementary classroom teachers with instruction and smooth operation of the classroom.  Teaching duties include work with individual children and small groups, overseeing class activities, and planning and teaching select lessons throughout the school year.  Supervisory duties include oversight of children and managing student behaviors during lunch, singing time, recess, carpool, and Extended Day.  Responsibilities also include communicating observations and insights to lead teachers; correcting student work; keeping the classroom supplied and organized; and preparing materials (word processing, photocopying, etc.). 
Teacher Assistants work under the guidance of classroom teachers, meet regularly for a program of in-service professional development, and may concurrently be enrolled in a teaching credential program.   Teacher Assistants may be scheduled to take on Head Teacher responsibilities (at key times of the day or week, or in Head Teachers’ absence).
Job Requirements

  • Experience with elementary students
  • Multicultural literacy
  • Sensitivity to the needs of individual children with differing learning styles
  • Understanding of developmental needs of elementary students
  • Strong language and math skills
  • Enjoy working with youth
  • Strong organizational, collaboration, and communication skills
  • Initiative, responsibility, adaptability, creativity and flexibility

Overview of School
The San Francisco School is an independent school, pre-K through eighth grade, with a commitment to an inclusive community. Suitably characterized by one parent as an “urban school with a village atmosphere,” The School embraces San Francisco’s ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity. Our progressive approach to education encourages children to develop self-reliance, solid academic skills, creativity, and a commitment to social justice. Students learn to think like disciplinarians in a field, consider big and central ideas, and can find and develop their own passions. They graduate academically prepared, inquisitive, courageous, and eager for the challenges ahead.
Hours for 2014-15:  7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. or 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (may be adjusted when school year schedule is final)   
Interested candidates may apply by sending one document containing resume, three references and cover letter (including an indication of how you learned about this position) to:
The San Francisco School
Attn: Elementary TA Position
300 Gaven Street, SF, CA 94134
Check out our website:
The San Francisco School is committed to increasing staff diversity,
both to reflect the high value SFS places on a multicultural understanding,
and for the direct benefit of each student.

The San Francisco School
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