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Systems & User Support Manager

Title:                                  Systems  & User Support Manager
Date Modified:                November 2013
FLSA Classification:         Non-Exempt
Supervisor:                        Technology Director
Job Objectives:
1.     To monitor, maintain and administer the School’s computer, mobile, phone, server and network infrastructure
2.     To serve as a main point of staff, faculty and student contact for all technology infrastructure and client-services needs
Job Functions:
Network Administration
·       Research, evaluate, test and recommend productivity, networking and server software
·       Research, implement, maintain, document and administer all network equipment across campus including: switches, router, firewall, and wireless access points
·       Maintain and administer all servers and services, including: authentication, security, file, web, database, Google Apps for Education, Open Directory, Windows/VM Ware, Software Update Server, DNS
·       Administer and maintain user accounts and groups for all systems include WH database, OSX file server, tech ticketing system and Google Apps for Education
·       Create, monitor, and maintain security policies for all computers
·       Implement, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain server backup solution
·       Configure and maintain Google Education settings and apps. In conjunction with Registrar, set up parent advisory and grade-level contact groups and sharing capabilities before the beginning of each school year
·       Communicate with external networking consultant when needed
Technical Support and Maintenance
First and second level technical support related to faculty, staff and student use of technology including direct troubleshooting of hardware, peripherals, and software issues
·       Monitor help-desk system for jobs. Communicate which tickets are being worked on or resolved. Provide detailed information of job status or resolution into tickets or knowledgebase.
·       Oversee, maintain, and troubleshoot a network of 135+ computers and 40+ mobile devices
•       Ensure that school assets are maintained and tracked accurately including bar-coding and labeling of all assets
·       Test, implement, install and configure laptop carts, mobile (iOS) devices, Apple TV’s, and digital projectors
·       Maintain and administer the phone handsets and system
·       Install, implement, troubleshoot, and maintain printers
·       Implement test environments for special software and laptop images
·       Upgrade and install software applications, mobile apps, desktop computers, servers, and network equipment
·       Troubleshoot and repair desktop and laptop computers and mobile devices
·       Provide technical & audio-visual support for evening events (e.g. Admission Information Sessions, New Parent Orientation) as delegated and assist in media uploads post-event
·       Provide technical & audio-visual support for all-school and class meetings as needed
Other Technology Functions
·       Provide project management for relevant technology projects by meeting deadlines and pro-actively communicating job status to end-users and supervisor
·       Provide technical support to all constituencies using Whipple Hill modules
·       Research, evaluate, test, and select new hardware, software and apps for school use
·       Order new equipment
·       Assist in just-in-time and group/faculty training on new software and hardware devices
·       Monitor and maintain school mobile laptop carts
·       Respond to and work on special projects as needed or requested by Technology Director
·       Troubleshoot software, desktop computers, laptops, servers, and network equipment
Technical Requirements:
·       Extensive working knowledge of Apple computer hardware, OSX, iOS applications and peripherals
·       Familiarity with Whipple Hill CMS and SIS
·       Familiarity with DeployStudio Server or experience with deployment and management of multiple devices
·       Familiarity with Cisco’s Meraki and Apple Configurator
·       Good knowledge of Cisco appliances such as firewall and wireless controller, which are the predominant devices in our network environment
·       Extensive working knowledge of infrastructure requirements and components for LAN’s, WAN’s, and the Internet
·       Strong knowledge of security and networking best practices
·       Strong technology literacy
·       Experience administrating phone and voicemail systems
·       Experience supporting technology infrastructures
·       Minimum 2 years experience troubleshooting and using Mac OS X and iOS
·       Minimum 2 years experience with Mac OS X Server
·       Minimum 1 year experience with Windows Server 2003 or greater
·       Minimum 1 year experience troubleshooting and using Windows 7
·       Experience with enterprise backup, anti-virus, laptop deployment and policy strategies
·       Ability to conduct basic scripts (examples: Unix, applescript, terminal application, etc.)
·       Familiarity and experience with LDAP, DNS, Open Directory, DHCP
·       Experience and knowledge of database structures
·       Experience troubleshooting printers and CUPS print server
·       Knowledge of wireless networking implementation, configuration, and security
Job Requirements:
·       Extremely organized
·       Effective, appropriate and timely communication with Technology Director, administration, faculty, staff, students and vendors
·       A dedicated employee who prefers an early work start time and is available for before-school support
·       Ability to work and focus with multiple distractions, projects and changing priorities
·       Excellent attendance and punctuality
·       Ability to inspire teachers and students to embrace the use of technology
·       Experience working in an education environment with girls of all ages
·       Interest in contributing to the life of an all girls' school and enjoy working with adults and students who approach the use of computer and technology from an educational point of view
·       Ability to explain technical jargon to general audiences
·       A team player who will support the tech projects initiated by other colleagues
·       High degree of technical aptitude
·       Ability to work accurately under deadline pressure
·       Ability to complete administrative tasks and obligations in a timely manner
·       Active participation in the school community
·       Flexible and collaborative team player
·       Ability to lift and move 70 pounds
·       Available for occasional night and weekend work
·       Bachelor’s degree

Julia Morgan School for Girls
Contact Phone Number
510-632-6000 x109