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Spanish Teacher


Lower School (K-4th) Spanish Teacher
Half-Time Position (M,W,Th or M,T,W)

Opportunity to work in a respectful and equitable progressive school founded in 1925. Work in a school that centers around an old Victorian mansion and exquisite oak trees on a six-acre campus filled with enthusiastic preschool through eighth-graders. Peninsula School is a day school for 250 children 3-14 years of age. As well as addressing the acquisition of academic skills, the school places strong emphasis on the arts. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and creatively in many ways. They are grouped in multi-age classes with 16-21 children in a class. We have a welcoming and supportive administrative staff, a diverse community of parents, and open minded teachers all dedicated to social justice, a love of children, and inclusivity.

The primary responsibility of the Lower School Spanish Teacher at Peninsula School is to develop and offer a rich Spanish curriculum appropriate to the interests and needs of the children in each class. The purpose of the Spanish Program is to nurture the joy of learning Spanish; foster the academic, cultural and playful exploration of the Spanish language; create fun learning opportunities for engaging the individual as well as building cooperative collaborations among all students; teach Spanish in a manner where learning is creative, multi-modal and multi-sensory; and help students to see and understand that world language, and Spanish language in particular, is an interconnected part of the world and their lives.

  Primary duties and responsibilities include:

  • teaching Spanish classes for 1st/2nd through 4th grade students on a regularly scheduled twice-weekly basis
  • teaching beginning Spanish in an Afternoon Activities Program* format primarily for K and 1st grade students
  • hosting or accompanying occasional fieldtrips that support the Spanish curriculum and build student’s cultural competency

When possible, and not directly teaching Spanish classes or the afternoon Activities Program, the Spanish teacher may spend observation time in the classrooms in order to get to know the students and learn Peninsula’s core values and beliefs from a variety of perspectives.  Spending time in the classroom with students and colleagues provides the opportunity to:

  • observe developmentally appropriate practices at each level;
  • develop knowledge of important cross-classroom perspectives on skill building and developmental growth of students throughout the school;
  • support the classroom teacher’s goals for individuals and groups of students;
  • foster an ability to add his/her viewpoint during discussions about a particular child;
  • provide support as an additional teacher in the classroom
  • collaborate with the head teachers


  • Attend staff meetings, InService meetings, open studio/lab nights and other meetings as applicable to position.
  • Engage in continuous skill-building and professional development
  • Depending on the needs of teachers, classrooms, and curriculum, duties may also include offering and/or attending field trips, overnights and/or camping trips, and attending parent-teacher conferences or class parent meetings as requested.
  • Build and maintain a safe, equitable and respectful learning environment that honors and values the diversity of the student population.

The Specialty teachers are responsible for developing, planning, and implementing their Activities program. They are responsible for making sure their studio/classroom/space is ready for use.
Activities/Studio/Lab Time 
Generally, the School’s Activities/Studio/Lab time is open Monday-Friday 12-3pm. Not all Activities are open on the same days, although many overlap. Most are open 12:30-2:30pm for contact with children.
Spanish Activities will be open 3 afternoons/week from 12:30-1:30 for the Lower School, primarily for K and 1st grade students.

  • Adept at facilitating group dynamics.
  • Available to answer questions, assist with skills, and encourage students developing ideas outside of -and in addition to classroom teaching time.
  • Work with multiple ages and mixed age groups.
  • Collaborate and work closely with classroom head teachers.
  • Teach children in a way that fosters creativity, self-esteem, and self-expression.
  • Embrace play as an essential part of learning.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Passion for working with elementary-aged students, being skilled with understanding developmental ranges and milestones, possessing a strong orientation in progressive education, and exhibiting a deep belief in and love of teaching and learning through hands-on and interactive lessons.  Have the ability to be flexible and collaborate with colleagues, and able to look at teaching through a culturally open-minded lens.  BA/BS required, with an advanced degree in Spanish considered a plus.  Native or near-Native Spanish speaker preferred, but not required.
TO APPLY:  Peninsula School is an equal opportunity employer and we actively promote the principles and practices of diversity throughout the school community. We offer competitive compensation and a progressive community dedicated to learning and engaged citizenship.  We encourage people of under represented groups to apply ( Please send cover letter and resumé, in MS word or PDF format, to or fax to (650) 325-1313 by July 11th, 2014.  

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