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Screening of Documentary “I’m not racist… am I ?”

Mills College Children's School will be hosting a a screening of the documentary film "I am not racist am I ?".

The screening will include the film and a facilitated discussion around topics raised in the film, the screening is free of charge

This screening is for educators and adults so that issues raised in the film can be discussed openly and in a appropriately mature fashion. You can register here


Some additional information about the film.

"I’m Not Racist… Am I? is a feature documentary about how this next generation is going to confront racism. We asked 12 teenagers from New York City to come together for one school year to talk about race and privilege in a series of workshops and in conversations with friends and family members. We hope that by documenting their experience, the film will inspire others to recognize and interrupt racism in their own lives.

The film is part of a larger initiative – Deconstructing Race – developed by The Calhoun School to create a multimedia platform to get young people, their teachers and their families talking – and doing something – about structural systemic racism.

In the film we’ll get to know:

  • Anna, adopted from Korea by white parents, who says that if she never had a mirror, would think she was white;
  • Martha, whose family is the only white one in her subsidized Harlem building, and who sometimes wishes she were black;
  •  Kahleek, nicknamed “white boy” by friends and family, who describes the way people breathe differently as he nears them on the subway;
  •  Abby, who is biracial, but only knows the white side of her family and has always felt uncomfortable talking about race;
  •  And Sacha, from the city’s affluent Upper West Side, who wants to speak up when his friends who are white say the “N” word, but doesn’t yet know how to do it. "
For more information you can also go to the film's website


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