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Science of Mind/Emotional Intelligence Specialist

In his now seminal 1990 article on “Emotional Intelligence,” Yale psychologist Peter
Salovey, newly appointed as Yale’s president this year, joined his colleague John
Mayer in defining emotional intelligence not as a contradiction in terms but as a
central force of self-regulation: “the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions.” Nueva’s new high school, opening in August, 2013, will offer a year-long course in Science of Mind and a definitive advisory program, both of which will be designed and taught by the candidate. Utilizing the best current research to help guide the advisory program and aspects of school culture, the lead teacher of this Science of Mind course will educate students and faculty to be more socially and emotionally literate and aware of how to apply this literacy (acuity) in their daily lives, social interactions and personal decisions. The ideal candidate will have extensive knowledge of research and practice in this area of psychology as well as experience working with high school age students and/or at the university level. He or she will have a PhD or an advanced degree in psychology and also experience in working with young people in counseling, teaching, and clinical capacities.

The Nueva School, located in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded in 1967, is a
nationally recognized independent school serving gifted and talented students from
prekindergarten through high school. The high school opens with its first class in August, 2013. A progressive, child-centered school emphasizes integrated studies, creative arts, and social-emotional learning, Nueva provides a constructivist program, project-based learning, and special-area teachers in visual art, reading, math, science, music, athletics, technology, and social and emotional learning. Teachers work in teams to develop thematic curricula for classes. The Nueva School uses a dynamic educational model to enable gifted children to learn how to make choices that will benefit the world. Our school’s mission is to inspire passion for lifelong learning, foster social and emotional acuity, and develop the child’s imaginative mind.

Job responsibilities:

• Plan and lead the signature high school Science of Mind course, which meets twice a week. The course will expose students to current research related to social
and emotional intelligence as well as bring experts in the field to campus
• Lead work with students and faculty that uses this expertise to shape a
healthy, responsive, and supportive school culture (e.g. student life norms,
social events and dances, mentoring, retreats) where relationships are valued integral to the learning process and school culture
• Shape a signature advisory program to promote a culture of reflection, honesty and self-awareness. Offer Teacher/Advisor support and training
• Work with HS faculty, outside counseling resources and independently to do
responsive work with kids, parents, and teachers as needed

(Part Time Position)

The Nueva School
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