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Prospect Sierra School Mobile Technology Leader

Prospect Sierra School is a prominent K-8 co-ed independent school in El Cerrito, California that serves 470 students on two vibrant campuses. Students come from Berkeley, Oakland, and surrounding neighborhoods. Prospect Sierra School was identified by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) as a model school of the future in 2011, and received a prestigious United States Department of Education Green Ribbon School Award in 2013.
Prospect Sierra is rolling out a one-to-one iPad program for grades 6-8th in Fall 2013. In addition, fifth grade will be sharing one cart, creating a two student/ iPad ratio in that grade. This represents not only a major new investment, but also a significant shift in technology resources, away from a space-centered approach to one that is more student-centered. Prospect Sierra seeks an individual to help us successfully launch this new program, and to make sure that students, faculty, and parents are prepared so that we can minimize risks and maximize the educational benefits.
This position is 50% of full-time and requires the following skills and personal approach. If you:
        • Believe that iPads are terrific tools for student exploration, creation, and collaboration, and can talk about your work enabling these experiences with students
        • Know the ins and outs of working with iOS devices for productivity and learning, and managing their use in a school setting using Apple Configurator and other MDMs such as Meraki
        • Know how to create engaging and creative presentations and workshops for a wide range of audiences
        • Are a project management ninja
        • Work well in collaborative teams and are a self-starter
        • Are known for your patience, empathy, and approachability
        • Have an excellent sense of humor
        • Are excited to work at a school where 21st century skills are viewed as generative guides for curriculum redesign and collaboration
        Major Responsibilities
First three months:
·      Recommend revisions to the Acceptable Use Policy as needed.
·      Create an effective FALL bootcamp for 6-8 students to prepare for individualized iPad use and (for 7-8) prepare for take-home use.
·      Create an effective bootcamp for middle school parents orienting them to the goals of the iPad program, prepare them for take-home use, and create family iPad charters.
·      Model smart and thoughtful technology use for faculty, both in curricular work and in teacher productivity.
·      Create and deliver after-school division technology trainings.
·      Provide just-in-time help for faculty on iPad/tech integration issues
·      Help maintain and add resources to PS technology google site/wiki.
·      Help to foster a culture of distributed technology expertise among the faculty.
·      Reach out to elementary school faculty, primarily through train-the-trainer modeling.
·      Prepare in-class lessons to support teachers and students in iPad/technology lessons (including, but not limited to  Gooru, Google Apps, audio and video recording, and working with eBackpack).
·      Offer tech-related electives.
·      Other duties as requested.
Please send a resume, cover letter, and references to
Prospect Sierra School
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