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POCIS Website changes

Hi folks,
The new website is now up and running. This is the first of a multiphase upgrade to the site.  While the site still has a very similar look, there are a few enhancements that we are excited to tell you about!  In particular are the automated curation of accepted posts to EDNet by each member school and the online membership fee payment function for schools, which enables payment via Paypal, debit or credit card. Please keep reading to get more information about these and other changes:
School management on the website:
Each member school on the new website should have a member  from their school community designated as the school admin. The school admin is responsible for approving each member account application filled out on the site for their school. The school admin is also enabled to manage/alter EDNet postings, events and/or anything else linked to their school.  It is important that the school admin be someone from your community who is willing to manage membership and content from your school. Please note that if this person leaves your school community, it is important to update the school's profile and contact information.
Nor Cal POCIS Membership:
Membership for POCIS is for 1 year, and can be renewed annually. The actual year starts on October 1 and ends October 1 of the following year. Prior to a school's membership expiring, the school admin will receive several reminders via email that their school's membership is about to expire. A link will be provided in the reminder, which can be followed to renew membership online. Note that although we still accept payment by check, that process does take a bit longer (2 weeks) since we have to go by our P.O. box and deposit the check.  If it is possible for your school to make payment online, we would greatly appreciate it.
Changes to EDNet Postings
EdNet postings are now curated automatically by the site. This means that once accepted, the duration of a posting on the site and in the weekly email transmission is managed automatically by the site. Creating an EDNet post is the same as it has been in the past, just with an additional field: the "good until" box, which allows you to specify start and finish dates/times for your post. Your post will start on the date/time you specify and will be removed from the site on the date/time you specify as well. Note that if you do not specify any date/time, the post will be created and kept live for 1 week and then will be deleted from the site. In either case (start/finish specified or not), you will receive emails prior to the expiration of your post. 
Events are similar to EDNet posts as they are part of the email blast, show up on the events page of the site AND as the date of the event draws near, displayed on the home page of the POCIS site. The same date/time rules apply to events as is the case for EDNet postings for jobs and/or announcements.
We thank you for your support of POCIS and the students that we serve and we welcome your feedback as we continue to improve our operations as a volunteer organization.  We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events this school year.