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POCIS Teacher Tribute Award

POCIS of Northern California is pleased to offer four (4) $250 awards to outstanding educators of color engaging in racial justice work at a POCIS GOLD member school. One Lower School faculty, one Middle School faculty, one Upper School faculty and one administrator/staff member will be honored.

If you have an educator of color you would like to nominate: Please answer the following questions as thoroughly as possible on a separate sheet of paper.

1. Educator’s Name:

2. School and position

3. How long have you known this educator and in what capacity?

4. How has this educator demonstrated their passion for racial justice at their school and/or beyond?

5. How has this educator positively impacted students and colleagues at their school?

6. Has this educator created or helped to create any institutional changes around racial justice?

***If possible, include an electronic photo of the educator

***We invite and encourage white allies within POCIS Member schools to bring to light the courageous work of educators of color.

***All nominated educators will be recognized on our website

Please send nomination packets to:

Subject line: POCIS Educator Tribute: [Educator’s name]

Application Deadline: Friday, November 16, 2012

POCIS of Northern California P.O. Box 18828 Oakland, CA 94619