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POCIS High School Senior Scholarships

High School Senior Scholarships
2013 – 2014

POCIS is pleased to offer four $2000 scholarships to high school seniors of color from POCIS member schools.  Scholarships will be awarded to assist graduating seniors in college expenses.

What to Submit (Please submit all application materials via email.  If absolutely necessary transcripts etc., can be submitted to the address below):

1) An Essay – please include information about:

  • Your community service, school, and/or work activities in diversity, social justice and equity, evidence of leadership;
  •  Unique/unusual circumstances;
  • Financial need;
  • Any other information that you feel is valuable.

2) Two letters of recommendation – must be originals electronically submitted by the recommenders.

3) POCIS Senior Scholarship Student Information Form.
4) Transcript
5) Electronic photo to be used on the POCIS Website and publications.

How to Apply
To be considered for the High School Senior Scholarship, kindly submit the above information by email to:
Subject line: POCIS Scholarship: [your name]

Application Deadline: Friday, March 7, 2014.

Scholarship recipients will be notified by Friday, April 18, 2014.
POCIS of Northern California
P.O. Box 18828
Oakland, CA 94619

Important Information to be considered as
Recipient of the POCIS Senior Scholarship Award:
·       Essay, Two Recommendations, Transcript, electronic photo
·       Demonstration of unique/unusual circumstances
·       Financial need
·       Good academic standing and difficulty of high school courses taken
·       Neatness, spelling, grammar, and thoughtfulness and thoroughness of application
General Tips
·       Do your own work. It’s okay to ask for feedback, but you are the only one who should fill out the application, and the essay must be your original work. Applications that are not your work will be disqualified.
·       Follow directions carefully and provide everything required by the deadline, including transcripts, letters of recommendation, and your essay. Supply only things that are requested; the selection committee will not review supplemental materials.
·       Your application is the first – and often last – impression the selection committee will have of you. Make it count. Neatness matters. Type your application, print neatly and legibly, or use the on-line application.
·       Before you start, make photocopies of all forms. Use them as working drafts before you complete the final application. 
·       Edit carefully. Be grammatically correct, spell properly, and ask someone who has the skills and can be objective to proofread your essay. 
·       Use standard white 8 ½ by 11 paper. 
Your Essay
·       Essays can make or break an application. Write a strong essay. Be personal and specific.  Even a simple experience can be powerful if you explain its impact on you. 
·       This is your chance to tell the committee things about yourself they can’t glean from your list of accomplishments – to help them get to know you as more than a list of activities, academics, and awards.  Make the most of it.
·       Plan ahead. Essays written in a hurry read like essays written in a hurry. 
·       Most of all, be yourself, and be truthful.
Letters of Recommendation
·       Get appropriate letters of recommendation. Don’t ask someone simply because they know you’re nice. Do not seek reference letters from family members. Ask a teacher, employer, minister, or other adult who knows you well and can write about your strengths, work ethic, or accomplishments in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or social justice.
·       Don’t wait until the last minute; many people, especially teachers and other school staff, are swamped with requests.
·       Tell your reference what the letter is for, when the deadline is, and provide them with the scholarship email address or an addressed, stamped envelope. 
·       Late recommendations will not be accepted.
Submitting your application
·       Before sending the application and documents via email, give it a final review, and send a completed application early. Confirm all letters of recommendation and transcripts have been sent prior to the deadline.
·       Late applications will not be considered.  

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