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POCIS and EBISA Service Learning Symposium

EBISA and POCIS Service Learning Symposium Friday, November 9 Mills College 1-4:30pm (lunch begins at 11:30. Food provided)

How Does Your School Define Service? Who Does It Serve? How does your school define service? What does it look like? What do you call it: community service, service learning, outreach? Who are you serving? What are you teaching? What roles should private schools have with the public? How do you ensure your students are making clear distinctions between charity and solidarity? How is your school using service to educate students, families, and staff? How is your school’s service efforts fostering safe, equitable and inclusive learning environments for its students and communities? EBISA and POCIS are pleased to collaborate on this symposium of discussion and dialogue exploring service in our schools.

FORMAT: -11:30-1:00 Lunch, registration and mingling -1:00-1:15 Welcome to Symposium – Debra Brown Welcome from EBISA and POCIS -1:15-1:45 Keynote/Panel Moderator Ravi Lau, Berkwood-Hedge (former Lick-Wilmerding Director of Service Learning)

-1:45-3:00 Panel discussion • Jeanine Harmon, Park Day School • Dana Rosenberg, East Bay School for Boys • Willie Adams, Head Royce • Chaplain Carol Luther, St. Pauls Episcopal • Guybe Slangen, SF Friends School -3:00-4:00 Break out groups according to grade level (K-5, 6-8, H.S.)

-4:00-4:30 Return to whole group for share out and Q&A POCIS member schools attending that are non-EBISA members, $25/head. EBISA member schools, FREE. EBISA would like to especially thank Mills College for hosting the event and to POCIS for their collaboration and coordination of the program.

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