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Middle School Math Teacher

The Nueva School is seeking a full-time math teacher to teach grades 6 through 9. Additional responsibilities include advising students, sponsoring a weekly elective course (Academies), overnight travel with students, supervisory duties, and facilitating a weekly literature club.

Nueva is a Pre-K to 9th grade independent school of about 470 students located in Hillsborough and San Mateo, CA. The Nueva School creates a dynamic educational model to enable academically gifted children to learn how to make choices that will benefit the world. Our school community inspires passion for lifelong learning, fosters social and emotional acuity, and develops the student’s imaginative mind. Nueva is excited to announce the opening of a high school at the College of San Mateo in August 2013, beginning with a 9th grade class. Additional information about the school can be found on our website at

The Nueva School has a unique history in mathematics education, curriculum development, and manipulative-based teaching and learning, inspired by founding math teacher Mary Laycock.

We are looking for a creative, energetic mathematics teacher who is interested in implementing curriculum that emphasizes a constructivist pedagogical approach, integrated curriculum, and long-term projects.

Candidates must:

1. Have experience in teaching and developing innovative, manipulative-based, hands-on, conceptually-oriented curriculum
2. Feel prepared to utilize a variety of manipulatives, including base ten blocks, multi-base blocks, pattern blocks, geoboards, computer software and other technology
3. Successfully facilitate meaningful discourse among students
4. Have the ability to empower students mathematically in discovering and applying concepts as well as in improving problem- solving abilities
5. Be comfortable working without a text book or published curriculum
6. Have a deep mathematical grounding, which allows extensive differentiation for a range of abilities including profoundly gifted students
Interested candidates may apply by sending or emailing a cover letter, resume, and teaching philosophy to:

The Nueva School
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