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Math Grades 5-7 (One Year)

Town School for Boys

5th, 6th, and 7th Grade Math Teacher (Full time)

One year position for 2014-2015 only

Located in San Francisco, Town School for Boys is a K-8 independent day school. Since its founding in 1939, Town School is committed to providing a dynamic and engaging environment that suits the developmental learning needs of boys. An intensive academic program is supplemented by fine arts offerings and outdoor education trips that take advantage of the school's Bay Area coastal location. Our teaching balances traditional methods with key student-centered approaches including inquiry and project-based learning. Town School values academic excellence, respect for self and others, diversity and inclusivity, community service, and social-emotional development. Town places a high value on maintaining a collegial atmosphere among faculty members. There an expectation of continuous growth and improvement for all faculty and strong support for a wide range of professional development opportunities.

Town is seeking a full-time teacher of math for the 2014-2015 academic year (only) to work with two sections of 5th, two sections of 6th, and one section of 7th grades, each in classes of  11-12 students. An ideal candidate would be able to promote critical thinking and problem solving through daily activities and project based learning experiences. There are three weekly faculty meetings, monthly department meetings, and weekly lunch and recess duty obligations. The position involves serving as an advisor and leading a daily morning meeting at the beginning of the day as well as supervising a mid-morning snack. Teachers hold open after school help sessions three days a week. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice each year and involve brief meetings with parents.

The ideal candidate will have a minimum of two years of teaching experience and experience working with students in grades 5-7. A credential or masters degree is preferred. The candidate will have a deep knowledge of mathematics and a passion for working with middle school students. The position involves working closely with three other math teachers, teacher leaders, and the Upper School Director. Candidates should be strong in their use of technology tools for teaching. Collaboration with the librarians and educational technologists is also expected. In addition, all students have individual computers, and students’ use of online resources should be integrated into classroom instruction. Instructional approaches and course content should be differentiated to suit different learning styles and reflect a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. Faculty should frequently communicate with other faculty and with parents about student progress. Weekly online posting of homework as well as other online communication should be kept up to date. Faculty are expected to take an active role in the school by contributing to committees, chaperoning field trips, and attending student performances and athletic events.

Town School for Boys is an equal opportunity employer. Salary and benefits are commensurate with our peer schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and with like NAIS schools.

To apply for this position, please email a cover letter and resume to:

Sherise Saavedra

Town School for Boys


At Town School learning is prized, love of school is essential, and boyhood is celebrated.

Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Our goal is for each boy to be engaged in an environment that weaves together collaboration, critical thinking, integrity, empathy, and creativity. These broad skills, as well as a firm grounding in core academic competencies, offer boys an excellent preparation for their further education. We promote social and emotional learning as a foundation of academic excellence and self-discovery. We prepare students to meet challenges in the world by helping them develop an appreciation for a variety of perspectives from the local to the global. We celebrate diversity by fostering a community of learners built on mutual respect. Learning experiences are inclusive, relevant, flexible, innovative, and adapted to reflect the needs of all kinds of learners. In our joyful, active, and collaborative school, boys flourish.

We achieve these goals through an authentic curriculum that originates in the classroom, travels through the halls, and extends into the world. Our teaching balances traditional methods with key student-centered approaches including inquiry, project-based learning, and teaching for understanding. We stay relevant and current through our testing of innovative, research-based approaches. We model a commitment to lifelong learning, and we hone our craft by pursuing professional development and sharing knowledge with one another.

Town School
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