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Marin Academy is an independent, college preparatory high school located in the San Francisco Bay Area in San Rafael, CA with an enrollment of 400 students with academic talent, interest in the arts and athletics, and a passion for a multitude of issues. Our students come from San Francisco, the East Bay, and Sonoma in addition to Marin County. Marin Academy has a block schedule in which classes meet every other day for 80-minute periods. Salary and benefits are very competitive. Marin Academy’s mission statement “asks every individual to think, question, and create in an environment of encouragement and compassion, and challenges each person to accept the responsibilities posed by education in a democratic society.” Marin Academy is an equal opportunity employer committed to excellence through diversity. People of color and women are encouraged to apply. For more information about Marin Academy, please visit our website (

Two Full-Time English Teacher Positions Available
Beginning August 2013

Marin Academy seeks two experienced high school English teachers for full-time positions that will begin in August 2013. Candidates should have at least two years of teaching experience, a degree in English, and a desire to teach core ninth or tenth grade courses in addition to upper level elective courses. Our ninth grade English I course is focused on building a strong foundation of analytical reading and writing skills, and our tenth grade English II course continues to build on these skills while studying world literature specifically. Our elective offerings are vibrant and vary from year to year but may include courses on the 20th Century American Novel, Shakespeare, African American Literature, and the Foundations of Western Literature. Candidates should have a strong background in the teaching of writing, a demonstrated interest in working collaboratively within and across departments, and the inclination and experience to work in a diverse community focused on issues of equity and social justice.

Full-Time History Teacher
Beginning August 2013

Marin Academy seeks an experienced high school history teacher for a full-time positing beginning in August 2013. Candidates should have at least two years of teaching experience, a background in teaching and studying history or a related subject (international relations, political science, etc), and a desire to teach required ninth and tenth grade courses: Modern World History I (9th grade) and Modern World History II (10th grade). The history program also includes a required U.S. History course for 11th graders and a rich variety of elective history courses for seniors. These elective courses vary from year to year but may include International Relations; History, Culture and Identity; Justice in America; and area studies courses such as Brazilian History or Middle Eastern Studies. Candidates should have the inclination and experience to work in a diverse community focused on issues of equity and social justice. Candidates should be ready and excited to work collaboratively in teams inside the History department and across MA’s academic departments.

Director of Outings
Beginning August 2013

Marin Academy seeks an experienced outdoors person to become the Director of Outings, a half-time position. The Outings program is an important part of the educational philosophy of the school; we want to create opportunities for students to challenge themselves in the outdoors. Marin Academy offers about forty outings each year, from day hikes to multi-day backpacking trips. We are looking for someone who will continue to market and administer this program, working closely with faculty members, students, and others to oversee a wide-ranging and diverse set of outdoor trips. The successful candidate should be able to handle multiple responsibilities at once, communicate effectively, manage equipment, enjoy working with high school students, and maintain a sense of humor. The candidate should also have training and experience in risk-management, and should be interested in developing a leadership curriculum for the Outings Program. The Director of Outings reports to the Dean of Students.

The Director of Outings is responsible for the overall vision of the program and:

• Publicizing the program
• Coordinating and training Outings leaders
• Overseeing risk-management
• Maintaining records and gear
• Leading at least eight weekend trips per school year
• Assisting the Freshman Orientation’s overnight trip and the Senior Vision Quest
• Teaching the Outdoor Skills class and creating its leadership curriculum
• Participating in the school’s Diversity Council
• Taking on other responsibilities as needed and identified

Science Teacher Sabbatical Replacement Position
Beginning January 2014

Marin Academy seeks an experienced high school science teacher for a sabbatical leave replacement. The position will run from January to June 2014. The successful candidate should have a background in the physical sciences and be able to teach multiple levels of Chemistry and/or Physics. The MA science department values a student inquiry based approach to the discipline, emphasizes process and skill development, and works to connect curriculum and students to the world. Candidates should have a demonstrated interest in collaboration within and across departments.
For all of these positions, please send resume and letter of interest to:

Nicole Stanton
Dean of Faculty
Marin Academy
1600 Mission Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901-1859

No phone calls, please.

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