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Lower School Resident Teachers

Hillbrook School is seeking Lower School Resident Teachers (grades JK-4) who will teach shoulder-to-shoulder with our grade-level teaching teams while participating in a paid, two-year professional development program for beginning and early-career teachers.
Hillbrook School is a co-ed, independent, JK–8 school located in Los Gatos, California on a recently renovated 14 acre campus. Since its founding in 1935, the school has provided an extraordinary educational experience that fosters a love of learning in our students and helps them develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to achieve their highest individual potential in school and in life. Our talented faculty delivers a differentiated program that provides students with a unique blend of challenging academics, life skills, and service opportunities. The school has 315 students and a student/teacher ratio of 7:1.
Hillbrook School is recognized as a leader in educational innovation, earning designation as an Apple Distinguished School for its vision and work. The 1:1 iPad program in the middle school, the pioneering iLab, student participation in the Maker Faire, and the newly created Center for Teaching Excellence all stem from a commitment to being on the leading edge of best practices in education. Educators from around the country have participated in school-sponsored professional development opportunities including the upcoming iPad Schools Summer Seminar and Learning Spaces Summit, the Innovative Leadership Conference co-sponsored with the Santa Fe Leadership Center, and numerous iPad one-day workshops and tours.
Hillbrook is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, 20 minutes south of Stanford University, 30 minutes east of Santa Cruz and 1 hour south of San Francisco. The Bay Area is home to world-class universities, museums and restaurants, many farmers markets and wineries, and outstanding outdoor opportunities for biking, hiking and surfing.
Resident Teacher Program Description
At the heart of great schools is great teaching. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) at Hillbrook is a program that provides students and faculty with an exceptional educational experience and environment. The core of the CTE is the Resident Teacher Program, a paid, two-year, hands-on teaching and professional development experience that incorporates both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching for beginning and early-career teachers.
Modeled after medical residency training provided for doctors, Residents teach shoulder-to-shoulder with our grade-level and departmental teaching teams engaging in all aspects of teaching and school-wide responsibilities; collaborate, explore and exchange ideas on cutting-edge practices impacting teaching and educational excellence; and have leadership opportunities at Hillbrook-sponsored conferences and events. Our emphasis on collaboration and co-teaching allows the Resident and teaching teams to make deep inquiries into learning.
Applicants are a diverse group of open-minded, confident, passionate individuals at pivotal moments in their professional lives. They care deeply about children, are excited about learning, have a tendency to be reflective and imaginative, and are serious about becoming teachers.
All applicants must be college graduates with significant coursework in the liberal arts and sciences; a teaching credential and/or education coursework is preferred. Demonstrated interest in, and experience working with, elementary-aged children is desirable, particularly in a school setting.
The salary is $30,000 for the first year and $31,500 for the second year; this is a two-year, full-time program. Benefits include full medical, dental, and vision coverage; a generous holiday schedule; and access to the latest state-of-the-art education technology.
To Apply
Visit the Center for Teaching Excellence page on Hillbrook’s website for more information about the Resident Teacher Program and how to apply: Applications are accepted throughout the year, with interviews beginning in February and continuing through the spring.
Hillbrook School is an equal opportunity employer and opportunities are open to all individuals without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, or handicap.
Aimee Giles, Director, Resident Teacher Program
Hillbrook School
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