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Lower School Math Specialist (K-4th)

Opportunity to work in a respectful and equitable progressive school founded in 1925. Work in a school that centers around an old Victorian mansion and exquisite oak trees on a six-acre campus filled with enthusiastic nursery through eighth-grade students. Peninsula School is a day school for 250 children 3-14 years of age. As well as addressing the acquisition of academic skills, the school places strong emphasis on the arts. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and creatively in many ways. They are grouped in multi-age classes with 18-21 children in a class. We have a welcoming and supportive administrative staff, a diverse community of parents, and open minded teachers all dedicated to social justice, a love of children, and inclusivity.
Lower School Math Specialist (K-4th)
 (Half-Time Position)
The Lower School Math Specialist of Peninsula School has primary responsibility for supporting the Lower School Head Teachers in their classroom math programs.  He/she works hand in hand with the Head Teachers to formulate and schedule a plan for the school year to provide classroom math instruction that is additive, complementary and/or reinforcing to the core math curriculum taught in the classroom.  The Math Specialist helps students of varied ages and development to achieve competency in math skills and concepts in a fun, hands-on and engaging manner, through his/her Math Specialist support and instruction in each classroom, as well as through delivering his/her own dedicated Math Activities* program. The Math Specialist works closely and collaboratively with the Lower School Head Teachers and performs his/her duties consistent with the mission, core values and core beliefs of Peninsula School.
Primary duties and responsibilities include, but may not be limited to:

  • Teach Math classes (whole or small group) for K- 4th students on a regularly scheduled weekly basis.
  • Teach Afternoon Activities Program* with K-4th multi-age groups on a daily basis.
  • Be cognizant and communicate with the teacher in assessing varied learning styles and/or identifying learning challenges or exceptional mastery that may require extra support.
  • Work with the teacher in developing differentiated instruction techniques, teaching strategies, and materials to help support students in their progress.
  • Stay abreast of and share current research and study that helps inform innovative practices for the math program.
  • Assist with identifying professional development opportunities in math instruction for teachers and/or teaching assistants in the Lower School.

When not directly teaching daily Math classes or afternoon Activities, the Math Specialist will spend time in the classrooms and get to know the students and learn Peninsula’s core values and core beliefs from a variety of perspectives. Spending time in the classroom and with the classroom teachers provides the opportunity to:

  • observe developmentally appropriate practices at each level;
  • develop knowledge of important cross-classroom perspectives on skill building and developmental growth of students throughout the school;
  • support the classroom teacher’s goals for individuals and groups of student;
  • foster an ability to add his/her viewpoint during discussions about a particular child;
  • provide support as an additional teacher in the classroom
  • collaborate with the head teachers
  • understand and support the sequencing of math curriculum through the Lower School

Other responsibilities:

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences, special teacher meetings, and class parent meetings as requested by Head teachers.
  • Attend student study team meetings (SSTs) if/as related to math concerns for a student in the Lower School.
  • Attend staff and In-service meetings.



The specialty teachers are responsible for developing, planning, and implementing their individual Activities program. They are responsible for making sure their studio/classroom/space is ready for use.
Activities/Studio timeIn general, Activities time is Monday-Friday 12-3. Not all activities are open on the same days, although many overlap. The Lower School Math Activities program is open 4 days per week from 12:30-1:30 for contact with K-4th students.
Teacher should:
   Be adept in facilitating group dynamics among mixed ages.
   Be available to answer questions, assist with skills, and encourage students developing    ideas outside of and in addition to classroom teaching time.
   Work with multiple ages and mixed age groups.
   Collaborate and work closely with classroom head teachers.
   Teach children in a way that fosters creativity, self-esteem, and self-expression.
   Embrace play as an essential part of learning.
Professional Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree required; teaching credential, math specialty expertise and/or math teaching experience preferred. Training in multi-sensory and innovative teaching methodologies considered a plus.
Personal Qualifications:  Initiative and an ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of individuals and learners; exceptional and friendly communication skills; fun, flexible, and patient, with a deep commitment to serve; obvious and infectious joy for math; ability to offer a multi-cultural and diversity lens in teaching math, and most importantly, understands the developmental orientation of the Peninsula School program, and possess a genuine love of kids and helping others learn.  
TO APPLY:  Peninsula School is an equal opportunity employer and we actively promote the principles and practices of diversity throughout the school community. We offer competitive compensation and a progressive community dedicated to learning and engaged citizenship.  We encourage people of under-represented groups to apply ( Please send cover letter and resume, in MS word or PDF format, to or fax to (650) 325-1313 by April 6th, 2014. 

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