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We seek to hire a highly qualified, positive, and nurturing individual for a full-time position as a Learning Specialist who has earned a Doctorate, Specialist, or Master’s in School Psychology, Special Education, or a related field atour Middle School campus. The position starts in August for the 2024-25 school year.

The Harker School is full of possibilities for our students and our faculty. Harker is in the human potential business. Our mission is to bring out the best in our wonderful students in the academic, extracurricular and personal domains. Our teachers’ deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for their subject matter inspires our students to discover their passions, both in and outside the classroom. Our teachers find their work fulfilling because they are able to see the influence of their efforts, whether in the moment or years later, when our alumni take the skills that they have learned at The Harker School to positively impact their communities, various industries, and those around them. Harker is a vibrant place where hundreds of student activities, events, social gatherings and renowned guest speakers foster a global perspective and form strong community bonds. It is where friends for life are made. We would love for you to join us!

Please view the videos on this page if you want to hear from our faculty and staff about why they find their work fulfilling. On this page, please find videos where you can also see what a day in the life is like at our lower, middle and upper school campuses. Enjoy!

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Estimated full time salary range: $80,000 – $110,000

About The Harker School:

The Harker School is a coeducational, non-sectarian, college preparatory TK-12 school on four campuses (transitional kindergarten, lower school, middle school and upper school) located within minutes of one another.

You can learn more about our rich history, starting in 1893 when The Harker School was first founded at the behest of Stanford’s first president, here. We are tremendously proud of our century-old tradition of excellence in education and the international recognition that our students, faculty and programs have earned.

Position Summary

This highly specialized practitioner is responsible for the overall coordination, oversight, monitoring, and remediation of student support services. Our learning specialists work closely with the Assistant Head of School, Academic Affairs, the upper and middle school division heads and counselors, parents, classroom teachers, and outside professionals. This practitioner will also work closely with the K-5 learning specialist to ensure consistency of practices, procedures, interventions, accommodations, and instructional learning plans.

The middle school learning specialist possesses significant knowledge of learning differences, social-emotional development and behavioral health needs, the ability to interpret psychoeducational and behavioral health evaluation reports, knowledge of legal standards in compliance with state and federal laws, and an understanding of neurodiversity and equitable teaching strategies across the curriculum.

This essential resource helps middle and upper school students understand and leverage their strengths, develop strategies to support their unique learning needs, and assists teachers in maximizing their learning potential in the classroom setting. The middle school learning specialist identifies students needing accommodations, reviews psychoeducational and behavioral health evaluations completed by private specialists, develops strategies to meet the needs of identified students and plans for any necessary accommodations (Accommodation Plans), designs professional development for teachers regarding learning needs, coordinates meetings with families and teachers to discuss accommodations and recommendations, coordinates out of school specialist referrals, and provides student remediation as necessary.


Essential Functions

Participate in regular meetings with division heads and counselors to consult on academic issues and to determine which needs the learning specialist needs to address firsthand.
At the teachers, counselors or administration’s request, observe students experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties in grades 6-8 to assess their learning strengths and challenges and provide targeted interventions and strategy suggestions.
Provide informal pre- and post-assessments of individual children as the need shows or as requested by teachers, counselors or administration.
Meet with students regularly to teach learning strategies and skills, such as test-taking and organizational skills.
Assist students with accessing and utilizing individualized accommodations at school
Develop instructional learning plans with long-term goals and specific objectives for identified students, including the recommendation of in-school or outside resources.
Initiate and attend parent conferences as needed.
Coordinate and facilitate communication between student, family, school, and other professionals.
Consult with teachers, counselors, parents, administration and outside professionals regarding students’ learning needs and prescribe appropriate scaffolding, strategies and materials for classroom and home interventions.
Maintain confidential student records and keep accurate documentation of sessions, meetings and other communications appropriate to ethical and professional standards.
Assist teachers with understanding psychoeducational evaluations and developing practical classroom applications for the recommendations made in those evaluations.
Provide consultation services to school staff and parents to assist them in understanding and supporting student academic needs.
Act as advocate for children having learning difficulties by collecting and coordinating prior assessment data and other relevant information to provide a year-to-year follow-through for classroom teachers and parents.
Maintain resources detailing community support resources for children with learning difficulties to be used by the administration, parents and teachers.
Provide in-service staff training opportunities as appropriate.
As needed, consult with Admissions Director regarding student testing, acceptance, and placement.
Pursue ongoing professional development to stay abreast of latest research in learning and teaching.
Attend all faculty meetings. Attend grade level and cycle meetings when appropriate.
Send all accommodation reports to Assistant Head of School; Academic Affairs for approval, prior to reviewing with parents and teacher. This ensures consistency of accommodations K-12.
Coordinate with the K-5 and 9-12 Learning Specialists to make sure reports given to parents and teachers reflect parity.

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