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We are looking for: Harker seeks to attract teachers who are experts in their fields, love working with children and who, through their teaching, inspire students to reach their highest potential. The Harker teacher creates a rich learning environment within and beyond the classroom so that students can find their places in the world today. Harker teachers, like the students, also care about the community, fostering the values that contribute to a successful and happy life.

We are seeking a part-time Debate teacher to join our middle school team beginning with the 2020-2021 school year. For information about our academic programs, please visit us at http://www.harker.org/middle-school/academics

About The Harker School: Harker is a coeducational, non-sectarian, college preparatory school serving K through grade 12. Harker has four campuses (lower, middle and upper schools) located within minutes of each other in San Jose. For more than 100 years, Harker’s mission has remained constant: to create an environment that promotes academic excellence, inspires intellectual curiosity, expects personal accountability and forever instills a genuine passion for learning. We’re tremendously proud of our century-old tradition of excellence in education, and the international recognition our students, faculty and programs have earned.

Kindness, respect, honesty, integrity and personal accountability have been at the heart of a Harker education since the school’s founding in 1893. Students encourage and support one another and celebrate each other’s efforts and successes with hugs and high-fives. It’s a supportive, safe, fun and nurturing place where kids make friends for life with their peers, their teachers and the staff.


  • Has at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in subject area; MA preferred
  • Has three+ years of teaching experience in relevant subject area and appropriate grade level division
  • Has ability to create and communicate well-organized, meaningful, and creative lesson plans that incorporate teaching strategies in a thoughtful manner to further and maximize student learning
  • Demonstrates collaboration, collegiality and organization
  • Demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning
  • Embraces the school’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiates.
  • Embraces the school’s commitment to student wellness and sustainability

Overarching Expectations

  • Upholds the mission of the school and acts as a positive ambassador for the school.
  • Understands and upholds all policies & procedures outlined in personnel, faculty, & student/parent handbooks.
  • Maintains respectful & cooperative interactions with students, parents, teachers, co-workers, & administrators.
  • Maintains timely communications with parents, students, administrators, and co-workers.
  • Is punctual, has a positive attendance record, and consistently meets deadlines; such deadlines include but are not limited to those pertaining to submission of grades, department deadlines, and deadlines set by other department offices at The Harker School.
  • Able to successfully learn, navigate and use Harker’s many internal programs and systems.
  • Has strong organizational skills and attention to detail; manages sensitive & confidential information well.
  • Maintains a positive attitude, is self-motivated, and can work well independently and in a team environment.

Expectations in the Classroom

  • Serves as a positive role model for students, taking into account the teacher’s influence on each student’s personal growth, academic ability, and emotional stability.
  • Creates a classroom environment of respect and maintains a classroom environment where the social and emotional welfare of the students are protected to the best of a teacher’s abilities.
  • Creates a classroom environment that allows a student’s confidence to grow and one where the student is inspired and feels safe enough to think creatively.
  • Creates a classroom environment where a culture of learning is fostered, and high expectations are the norm.
  • Creates well-organized, meaningful, and creative lesson plans to carry out the curriculum in thoughtful and engaging ways and that incorporate teaching strategies to further maximize student learning.
  • Has an excellent grasp of knowledge of subject and content-related pedagogy; such knowledge should be apparent to the students and to a classroom observer.
  • Grades students on their ability to achieve the goals set by the teacher and grades efficiently so that students receive helpful and timely feedback.
  • Maintains clear oral and written communication with students regarding expectations and classroom performance, as appropriate for the ages one teaches.
  • Creates organized, meaningful, and engaging substitute plans in their absence, notifies the division head and department chair in advance of planned absences.
  • Expectations that Extend Beyond the Classroom

Carries out all duties associated with teaching the classes on a teacher’s given schedule. This includes chaperoning, participating in spirit activities, being available for all office hours/extra help periods, writing reach outs to all families, communicating with families as appropriate, and other duties as needed.

Attends meetings as directed by the division head or department chair.  This includes but is not limited to weekly Wednesday meetings after school.
Keeps counselors informed of students with significant academic, social, or emotional concerns and maintains open lines of communication with parents/guardians, promptly notifying them when student issues arise.
Participates in school functions that extend beyond normal school hours but are necessary to maintain the positive community in which we pride ourselves.  Such functions include but are not limited to Back to School Night, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Family Picnic, the faculty retreat, Open House, etc.

Speech and Debate Specific Duties:

Work with the Middle School head speech and debate coach to carry out the following duties:Foster broad participation in the program and at tournaments. Harker’s vision is that speech and debate are helpful to the growth of students ranging from the very invested in speech and debate to those with less time. All students should feel encouraged and welcome on the team.
Maintain a robust tournament competition schedule. This includes but is not limited to travel logistics, tournament entry, managing permission forms, and communicating to families about tournament details in a timely manner. This includes regular season tournaments and the middle school NSDA tournament in June. As a sample, the schedule from the previous year can be seen here: https://sites.google.com/staff.harker.org/harkerspeechdebate/tournament-calendars?authuser=0
Support a robust practice schedule. After school practices are typically held Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:45 – 5:00 PM.
Host at least two intramural competitions a semester. These typically involve three preliminary rounds and time for feedback.
Meet financial responsibilities regarding the speech and debate budget, such as tracking receipts and cost-efficient travel plans.
Provide support for all of the events in which our students compete (public forum debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, Congressional debate, and NSDA speech events).

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