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Title: Lower School Learning Specialist

Requirements: Master’s Degree in Special Education or Master’s  in Elementary Education and Educational Therapy certification (or equivalent); additional credential(s) in reading remediation or mild to moderate learning disabilities or gifted and talented education

Reports to: Director of Community Well-being

Primary Responsibilities: Works with Lower School students who are experiencing academic difficulty and/or who have diagnosed learning differences. Identifies learning styles, analyzes and interprets testing data, provides screenings, reviews other pertinent information, and prescribes specific, appropriate, and practical learning strategies. Coordinates a team effort that includes teachers, other educational professionals, physicians, the student, and parents. Supports students in developing strategies in the areas of time management, organization, and study skills through structured intervention.

Hours/Classification: Full-Time; Exempt; 10 months

Pay Range:  $85,000 – $120,000

Expectation of Employee Civility and Commitment

The Hamlin School seeks to hire employees who will support and implement the school’s mission and Creed* at all times. Hamlin employees are known for being compassionate, collaborative, and dedicated professionals who treat their colleagues and supervisors with respect and who take seriously the daily care of Hamlin students.


Hamlin students are celebrated because of their curious minds, joyful work ethic, and intellectual tenacity in the classroom; that said, the school is convinced that ensuring the students’ academic growth is only one part of its work. All Hamlin employees, whatever their role or title may be, must pay close attention to the students’ social-emotional well-being, their physical and mental health, and their moral development.


Hamlin employees are committed to their own professional growth; as such, they pay close attention to the research and innovations that impact teaching and learning. All employees are expected to be flexible thinkers and nimble actors in support of the school’s overarching strategic goals and daily commitment to academic and ethical excellence.

*The Hamlin Creed: Compassion; Courage, Honesty; Respect; Responsibility


Professional Responsibilities:


Advises students on effective learning strategies and helps them to demystify their learning profiles
Meets regularly with Lower School students who have learning differences in an effort to support classroom instructional goals and their self-confidence
Administers assessments to help screen for learning differences
Provides individual and small group academic interventions according to need
Monitors caseload students’ progress and maintains accurate records of growth


Serves as the point person for outside providers and parents whose children require support beyond classroom instruction
Attends and participates in meetings with parents, Director of Community Well-being, Lower School division head, teachers, and outside student support such as tutors, learning specialists, doctors, etc.
Provides opportunities for parents to increase their knowledge about learning differences and accommodations
In partnership with the administration, supports and crafts the continuing education of Hamlin parents (i.e. meetings, the facilitation of parenting groups, recommendations of appropriate books, speakers, workshops).
Maintains a robust webpage on the Hamlin website that includes pertinent information and valuable resources for parental support
Interprets standardized test scores with parents for students with low or discrepant scores, or as requested by parents


Consults with teachers regarding students’ learning needs–both for students with identified learning disorders and those identified as gifted
Teaches and demonstrates learning strategies to teachers to enable them to support students’ academic growth and executive functioning
Offers professional development sessions to faculty during division meetings or in smaller groups
Works in partnership with the Director of Community Well-being, Lower School counselor, Mathematics Specialist (K-4), and Literacy Specialist (K-4) to build faculty capacity to understand and meet students’ needs
Coordinates with MS Learning Specialist to ensure successful transitions for students through transfer of student information between divisions

Administrative Tasks

Serves as a member of the Student Support Services Team with the Lower School counselor, and Director of Community Well-being
Remains current on developments in the fields of special education, learning and the brain, classroom methodologies, and the unique challenges for girls in academic settings
Recommends, in close partnership with the Director of Community Well-being, full neuropsychological testing and therapeutic support when needed
Generates records of recommendation for Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions
Maintains and updates student learning profiles and official notes using School’s online student information system
Reads and distills neuropsychological reports and interprets results for school personnel
Creates individualized learning plans for students with identified learning needs, including classroom and testing accommodations
Designs a balanced schedule, maximizing student needs through academic intervention groups and teacher collaboration time
Manages the process for standardized testing accommodations and administration of such tests with Lower School division head.

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