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At San Francisco University High School, we believe that the deepest learning requires collaboration among people who embody a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. In order to build and sustain a community that is comprised of a wide range of social and cultural identities, we must continually engage in furthering our self- knowledge, equity literacy, and ability to communicate effectively across differences. We challenge ourselves to do this work on both a personal and institutional level, recognizing that our community is part of a larger and more complex world.

San Francisco University High School is seeking an Operations Manager reporting to the Chief Financial and Operations Officer. Incumbent is responsible for the day-to-day operations of non-financial responsibilities of the business office. Supervises and schedules safety monitors. Maintains records and prepares reports as necessary to ensure compliance with all required environmental, health/safety, and maintenance laws and regulations. Provides support to the Buildings & Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees. Carries out other responsibilities as assigned.

• Establishes standards for Safety Monitors, makes schedules based on School needs, and oversees their performance.
• Responsible for the day to day needs of the School’s Commercial Insurance policies. Duties include preparing documents and applications for annual Insurance renewals. Reporting claims as necessary to the Insurance Carriers. Developing internal School reporting systems to ensure potential claims are identified and documented. Obtaining and providing proof of insurance certificates of insurance and endorsements.
• Responsible for managing 3rd party Food Service Vendor.
• Maintain current and accurate capital budgets, including Tech, Facilities, Athletics and Program.
• Supports CFOO in all Capital Projects, working closely with Contractors, 3rd party consultants and Facilities.
• Responsible for the day-to-day Business Office interactions with the Facilities Department.
• Responsible for carrying out the Records Retention policy of the School, including managing offsite storage, coordinating and organizing all School records that need to be secured and stored, and the documentation and destruction of records at the end of their useful life.
• Responsible for parking needs of the school, including maintaining/obtaining parking spots, approving rent payments, assigning parking to School Employees.
• Transportation liaison with person responsible for bus/student transport. Responsible for all employee transportation.
• Maintains vans for athletic and academic department use; ensures they are fueled and ready to operate; coordinates washing and cleaning as necessary. Maintains vehicle maintenance records; schedules and coordinates maintenance services when required with Facilities.
• Responsible for the DMV checks of employees and volunteers.
• Responsible for purchasing school FF&E for classroom, offices, public spaces, etc.
• Oversight of Purchasing function.
• Acts as Property Manager for the 3150 Property.
• Carries out other related responsibilities as required.

• Four-year college degree required.
• Five years work experience involving facility/construction and operations management.
• Have supervised staff.

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Strong Problem-solving skills.
• Strong organizational and project planning skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Supervisory skills and the ability to inspire, communicate, motivate, and direct others in the accomplishment of their objectives.
• Ability to communicate effectively with others, both verbally and in writing.
• Customer Service Oriented.
• Works collaboratively.

• Flexibility/Adaptability: Demonstrated flexibility to change as circumstances require and an adaptability in attitudes and behavior to work effectively with different people and situations.
• Interpersonal Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to objectively assess and respond to difficult workplace situations; an awareness of one’s own style and how it affects others; the ability to appropriately adjust one’s own behavior being attentive, understanding, and respectful of others’ points of view; effectively responding to and resolving interpersonal problems in the workplace, and developing positive work relationships with others.
• Planning and Organization: The ability to establish priorities that address the details and timeliness needed to achieve the intended results, effectively utilize available resources, and complete work and/or projects on time and according to plan.
• Making Effective Decisions: Gather information on issue impartially considering all sides, and make logical, clear decisions that are within time and resource constraints.
• Taking Responsibility: Follow through on commitments, only making promises that can be kept, and accepting responsibility for actions, results, and mistakes.
• Positive Attitude: Promote a “can do” atmosphere, maintain enthusiasm despite criticism, support the school’s mission/objectives, and work with others in a pleasant, happy, and upbeat manner.


This job requires the ability to:
• Stand, walk, climb stairs (or use an elevator), and/or sit indoors most of the time as well as outside some of the time.
• Use hands and fingers in a manner that requires manual dexterity to get the job done. Often requires the use of hands and arms to reach for objects.
• Communicate to others orally (ability to speak and hear) and in writing.
• Occasionally, lift weight or exert force up to 50 pounds.
• See things at close range and at a distance, and the ability to quickly adjust focus.
• Work the hours required to carry out this job’s responsibilities.
• Occasionally drive from one location to another in the local area.

• The environmental conditions typical to an academic setting with offices and classrooms located in multiple locations within the same general proximate area.
• Occasionally, you may be subjected to extremes of noise and temperature.

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