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At San Francisco University High School, we believe that the deepest learning requires collaboration among people who embody a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. In order to build and sustain a community that is comprised of a wide range of social and cultural identities, we must continually engage in furthering our self-knowledge, equity literacy, and ability to communicate effectively across differences. We challenge ourselves to do this work on both a personal and institutional level, recognizing that our community is part of a larger and more complex world.

San Francisco University High School is seeking an experienced, hands-on Human Resources (HR) professional who is responsible for supporting employees and Senior Management in all aspects of Human Resources. This position is the primary HR role in the school. The scope includes administration of all hiring and separations; development, updating, and implementation of employment policies and procedures; maintenance of the Employee Handbook and Operations Manual; administration of reporting and compliance with various federal, state and local employment laws and regulations; administration of benefit programs, ensuring accurate processing of exempt and non-exempt payroll, and other related tasks and functions. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:


·      Manages and maintains the Human Resources Information System (Paylocity) ensuring that it meets the School’s legal, personnel and information needs. Responds to internal/external inquiries as appropriate.

·      Maintains confidential personnel records in accordance with Best Practice, including compensation agreements, benefit plans enrollments and COBRA implementation, I-9’s, professional development documentation, etc.

·      Administers employee benefit programs such as life, disability, health, dental and vision insurance, retirement plans, vacation, personal days, sick leave, leave of absences, workers’ compensation, and employee assistance.

·      Leads discussions on benefits plan design, negotiation and renewal.

·      Plans and administers, with support of insurance broker, the annual benefits enrollment, as well as ensuring all School systems are updated and insurance carriers are provided accurate information.

·      Reviews and approves semi-monthly non-exempt and exempt payroll system records, including vacation accruals, personal days and sick leave.

·      Administration and compliance of all retirement plans, 403(b)-457(f)-457(b), including annual audits, ensuring proper tax filings, working closely with the School’s 3rd party Plan Sponsor, Advisory Firm and Legal Counsel.

·      Supports employees on all Worker’s Comp claims and reports to Insurance Carrier.

·      Supports the hiring process for all personnel by working with the hiring managers, approving job postings, preparing offer letters, providing benefits information to prospective new hires, etc.

·      Onboarding of all personnel,

·      Ensuring complete documentation is received from new hire

·      Supports new hire to understand all of the School provided benefits and compliance with policy and procedures.

·      Coordination with tech, facilities, etc. to ensure new employee is able to begin their job day 1.

·      Assists with annual new hire orientation in August of each year.

·      Supports the employee separation process, including proper documentation, retrieval of school assets, immediate notification to tech and facilities to ensure timely termination of access, explanation of COBRA and other potential benefits, etc.

·      Analyzes wage and salary reports and data to determine competitive compensation plan.

·      Prepares and/or coordinates the distribution of employee communication materials in a timely fashion, including new hire paperwork, benefits information, policies and procedures (including Employee Handbook).

·      Prepares and distributes all annual employment agreements.

·      Develops and implements procedures for regulatory reporting and compliance with labor laws, including hiring/termination procedures, fingerprinting, TB results, harassment training, filing EEO-1 annually, etc.

·      Serves as the primary liaison with HR related consultants and vendors.

·      Investigates accidents and prepares reports for insurance carrier.

·      Maintains the school’s Employee Handbook of policies and procedures, updating annually.

·      Maintains Human Resources bulletin boards.

·      Maintains forms and procedures to manage employee professional development, including travel and entertainment policies and professional development grant management.

·      Collaborates with CFO/COO on employee relations issues.

·      Consults with legal counsel as appropriate, or as directed by the CFO/COO, on personnel matters.



·      Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related field. Related graduate degree a plus.

·      Professional certification from the HR Certification Institute or SHRM preferred.

·      10+ years of verifiable job experience in Human Resource roles requiring similar knowledge, skills and abilities.

·      Knowledge of HR systems and databases. Experience with Paylocity preferred.

·      Proficient with Excel and Word.

·      Competence to build and effectively manage interpersonal relationships at all levels of the institution.

·      In-depth knowledge of labor law and HR best practices.

·      Experience in the Education sector, preferred, but not required.



·      Quality, accuracy, timeliness and demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness, meets deadlines and due dates, monitors work to ensure quality.

·      Problem solving identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner by skillfully gathering and analyzing information.

·      Interpersonal skills: maintains confidentiality, open to others’ ideas, willingness to try new approaches.

·      Oral and written communications: speaks and writes clearly and persuasively, listens and responds constructively, edits written reports for spelling and grammar, presents numerical data clearly and effectively.

·      Organizational skills: prioritizes and plans work activities, develops realistic action plans, uses time efficiently.

·      Computer skills: has proficiency with Microsoft Office and human resources information systems.



·      Teamwork/Cooperation: Openly shares information, knowledge, and expertise with co-workers; cooperates with other employees to achieve objectives; appropriately gives and is open to feedback from co-workers; puts accomplishing organizational interests above individual interests; and actively works to remove barriers to team effectiveness.

·      Flexibility/Adaptability: Demonstrates flexibility to change as circumstances require and adaptability in attitudes and behavior to work effectively with different people and situations.

·      Dependability/Attendance: Is available for work on a consistent and timely basis with infrequent unplanned absences; completes work in a timely manner; meets commitments to others with minimal oversight; is conscientious, thorough, accurate, and reliable when performing and completing job tasks.

·      Taking Responsibility: Follows through on commitments, only making promises that can be kept, and accepting responsibility for actions, results, and mistakes.

·      Making Effective Decisions: Gathers information on issues impartially considering all sides, and makes logical, clear decisions that are within time and resource constraints.



This job requires a person to:

·      Stand, walk, climb stairs (or use an elevator), and/or sit indoors most of the time as well as outside some of the time.

·      Use hands and fingers in a manner that requires manual dexterity to get the job done. Often requires the use of hands and arms to reach for objects.

·      Communicate to others orally (ability to speak and hear) and in writing.

·      Occasionally, lift weight or exert force up to 20 pounds.

·      See things at close range and at a distance, and the ability to quickly adjust focus.



·      The environmental conditions typical to an academic setting with offices and classrooms located in multiple locations within the same general proximate area.

·      Varying levels of activity, i.e., others walking and talking individually and in groups in the immediate area.

·      Occasionally subjected to extremes of noise and temperature.


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