Biology Instructor beginning August 2021

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At San Francisco University High School, we believe that the deepest learning requires collaboration among people who embody a diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. In order to build and sustain a community that is comprised of a wide range of social and cultural identities, we must continually engage in furthering our self-knowledge, equity literacy, and ability to communicate effectively across differences. We challenge ourselves to do this work on both a personal and institutional level, recognizing that our community is part of a larger and more complex world.

We are seeking a full-time biology instructor to begin in August of 2021. Strong candidates for this position will have experience teaching high-school biology, including advanced topics or advanced elective courses such as Human Physiology. The ideal candidate will also have experience teaching physics and/or chemistry at the high school level and be enthusiastic about collaborating with a team of teachers on the continued development of our department’s curriculum and standards-based assessment practices.

Because San Francisco University High School is a college preparatory school, we seek teachers who are thoroughly educated in their disciplines, who are devoted to the love of learning, who will expand the diversity of backgrounds and perspectives present in our community, and who will contribute to the school’s invigorating intellectual climate by promoting our values of care, inquiry, integrity, agency, interconnection. Throughout the school, we seek to hire adults who are stimulating and supportive in their work with students and who share our belief in the moral and educational value of diversity.

Interested candidates should submit their materials using the online application at:

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