Learning Resource Program Learning Specialist

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Marin Primary & Middle School

The Learning Resource Program (LRP) learning specialist is an integral member of the LRP team. The learning specialist demonstrates a deep understanding of how children learn according to their developmental age and has the passion and skill-set to team effectively with students, teachers, and parents in support of academic and learning success. The learning specialist has specific training, skills and experience related to the assessment and treatment of language-based learning disorders and/or Dyscalculia and has a background working with students with executive functioning, attention, memory and other learning challenges.

The learning specialist effectively communicates and collaborates with students, teachers, advisors, parents and division directors to identify and support students with learning challenges. The role of the learning specialist involves managing a caseload of students, developing and implementing learning support plans, consulting regularly with teachers and communicating regularly with parents. The learning specialist has expertise using a variety of learning and teaching tools, techniques, technologies and programs to remediate and support learning. The learning specialist also participates in the school’s assessment and standardized testing programs.

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