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Carondelet is an equity-focused, woman-centered, 800-student high school located in the East Bay. The school is looking for a Full-Time Department Chair and Math teacher for the Fall of 2021.  Carondelet has a unique and ambitious self-paced math program and candidates should be comfortable with all levels of high school math. We are seeking an individual who is interested in innovative curriculum development as it relates to making learning highly relevant in today’s world.

Teachers at Carondelet are equity-focused lifelong learners with a keen interest in growing professionally in all areas.  An ideal candidate is a team player who can think outside the box, is confident and capable with the use of technology in the classroom, and is familiar with using a digital learning management system. A background in innovative, collaborative teaching and learning models, authentic assessments with rubrics, and critical and creative thinking is preferred.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Participates actively in the life of the school community in a manner that supports and promotes the mission and core values of Carondelet
  • Carondelet’s Academic Department Chair serves as an instructional leader for fellow faculty members and plays a key role in stewarding instruction and learning in their respective departments.
  • The Academic Department Chair will be responsible for organizing the faculty in an academic subject area to oversee its development, coordinate the delivery of the curriculum using innovative, student-centered instructional practices, and identify areas of improvement.
  • Department chairs work collaboratively to ensure the academic program aligns with the mission of the school.
  • The Academic department chair will play a key leadership role in their department as they fulfill the role of teacher and administrator simultaneously.
  • This valuable, middle-level leadership is crucial in establishing open communication between and among departments and between administration and faculty.
  • Maintains professional standards in interaction with students, parents/guardians, and co-workers

Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Serves as a communication liaison between faculty and administration. The chair’s role as both faculty member and administrator serves to further a mutual understanding of complex issues. The department chair openly participates in dialogue with members of the department, other department chairs, and administrators to ensure that the goals and direction of the school are clearly stated and aligned with the mission of the school.
  • Serves as a leader in curriculum and pedagogy in his or her respective department. The chair guides conversations about teaching and learning in each department to ensure that rigor and innovation are being pursued and good practices are being followed. The department chair leads annual (or more frequent) reviews of the curriculum in the department to ensure vertical continuity and appropriateness of content, skills, and assessment.
  • In order to stay “in-front of the curve” of new developments and the most current pedagogy in the respective subject area, the department chair maintains relationships with local, regional, and national associations of teachers of their subjects. The chair attends local, regional, or national conferences in the discipline or creates the opportunity for others to do so and shares what was learned with the department. The chair seeks out new ideas and initiatives and introduces them to the department.
  • The chair models good teaching by using a variety of teaching techniques suitable to the subject and age group as well as by incorporating a variety of tools to reach students with a wide range of learning styles.  The department chair will specifically be a model for technology integration in their classroom.
  • The department chair assists in hiring, training, evaluating, and supporting the faculty members in their respective departments. The chair supports teachers who are new to the department or profession, teachers who might be struggling professionally or personally and provides the first line of accountability for teachers in the department, partnering with the administration when more significant intervention is needed.
  • During meetings with the other department chairs and with administrators, the department chair serves as an advocate for one’s own department while at the same time supporting the wider mission of the school. The department chair supports a culture of healthy and open discussion about school issues, while also showing active support for the school’s decisions.
  • The department chair facilitates department meetings that promote participation from all department members. The chair keeps department meetings focused on curricular or teaching issues or the needs of the students. The chair will use meetings to make sure administrative details are being attended to as well as to engage in meaningful conversation about teaching and learning.
  • The department chair creates and maintains a department handbook that includes course offerings, curriculum guides, student outcomes, etc.
  • The department chair should have a purposeful approach to developing their own leadership and collaboration skills. The chair should participate in formal and informal efforts to strengthen and improve his or her own leadership skills and seek out feedback on his or her own leadership as often as possible.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Immediately conduct a comprehensive Audit / Assessment of the Department, including researching best practice and innovation, visiting other exemplary / benchmark schools, and setting a vision for the department that reflects the mission and the school’s Strategic Plan:
    • Articulate the specifics of what Carondelet’s new programming and learning model will become specifically focused on Teaching and Curriculum for their specific subject area based on research and best practice, including our unique Catholic mission and our emphasis on women-centered education.
      • Setting goals and objectives for the department as well as the faculty within the department that promotes and delivers the new Carondelet curriculum
      • Assist in developing measurable performance goals and benchmarks for the department and its faculty based on the articulated objectives.
      • Effectively communicate with faculty members regarding their strengths and areas of improvement to ensure faculty preparedness and accountability in achieving expectations.
    • Periodically and regularly update and refresh this assessment plan to stay current on educational trends and expectations.
  • Play an integral role in student academic performance and success by facilitating and resolving student academic concerns in conjunction with other members of the academic team, including the department of student success, the learning specialists, and others.
  • Follow the chain of command in resolving concerns of students, parents, and faculty by taking responsibility for resolving issues at the lowest level before escalating to the next level.
  • Assist in designing and collecting student data and outcomes and in developing and implementing improvements.
  • Develop and implement an effective observation process to achieve teaching objectives and inform performance evaluations.
  • Assist in developing and implementing Professional Development and growth opportunities for faculty within the department.
  • Help to research, develop and implement a faculty compensation model, as part of the strategic plan, which reflects evaluations and attracts, retains, and rewards the highest performing, most productive, and valuable employees.
  • Assist in the hiring and mentoring of new faculty members.

Required Qualifications

  • Experienced teacher with a valid credential in the subject area
  • Minimum of five years of experience teaching the subject at the high school level
  • Knowledge of the CDE Frameworks and Content Standards for the subject area
  • Ability to communicate effectively, orally, and in writing.
  • Commitment to staying current with research, reform efforts, curriculum changes, and the latest trends in educating students in this subject area.
  • Ability to analyze and present assessment and other data on student achievement.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Seven to ten years of experience teaching the subject at the high school level
  • Experience in a leadership role
  • Experience with implementation of curricular change and innovative practices
  • Experience with or openness to initiatives fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion

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