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Instructor in Drawing and 3D Foundations

The Bay School of San Francisco is seeking an arts instructor for one course each term (we are on the trimester system) for the 2013-14 academic year (approximately August 20, 2013 through June 20, 2014). The instructor is responsible for 3 courses—two sections of 3D Foundations and one section of Drawing 1b. Each class meets for 80 minutes four times a week in a rotating schedule. In addition to class preparation and classroom teaching, the instructor is responsible for:

curricular development and alignment

design of skills-based assessments

grading (including mid-term narrative comments and end-of-term rubrics)

regular communication with the student, her/his parents, and the student’s advisor regarding the student’s progress

one-on-one student tutorial one day per week from 3:00-3:30 pm

occasional course team, discipline team  and/or staffulty meetings

At Bay, we believe the arts are for everyone. Teachers of arts at Bay understand that the study and creation of art requires inquiry, observation, inspiration, play, practice, and reflection; they seek to cultivate the following in their students: thinking, resourcefulness, dexterity, transformation, collaboration, communication and connection.
The ideal candidate:
·         finds resonance with The Bay School mission and philosophy as well as with the goals of the arts team;
·         possesses a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or higher;
·         is a working artist;
·          has experience
-teaching courses in drawing, 3D arts (e.g. sculpture, metal arts, jewelery-making) and/or painting at the high school level;
-working effectively with a range of students;
-thinking broadly and innovatively about curriculum and pedagogy;
-weaving ethical and/or spiritual considerations into the curriculum and classroom;
·         demonstrates variety and adaptability in teaching and assessment methods;
·         values individual learning styles;
·         brings a diversity of teaching and life experience;
·         values collegial collaboration as a means to improve the curriculum and student experience as well as her/his own craft;
·         dedicates her/himself to anti-bias, social justice and equity work;
·         commits to pedagogy development, innovation, professional growth and reinvention;
·         demonstrates a passion for subject matter as well as for teaching and learning;
·         enjoys working with high school learners.
If interested in the position, please send the items below to:, attn: Lise Shelton, Dean of Faculty.
1) Cover letter describing your interest in the position as well as how you anticipate contributing to the school
2) Resume/C.V.
3) A digital portfolio of your own and your students’ work.

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