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Heads Up Program Summer Teacher -Head-Royce School

Professional Opportunity- Heads Up Program Teacher:

P/T: 29 total work days beginning June 17, 2013 and ending July 26, 2013 plus mandatory training days. Expected Teacher summer schedule is from 8am-3:00pm Monday-Friday. Teachers are paid only for days worked. Substitutes will receive pay in place of the absent faculty member for any days not worked.

Head-Royce School & Heads Up Program:

Founded in 1887, Head-Royce is an independent, non-denominational, coeducational college-preparatory, K-12 school, which offers a challenging educational program to educate the whole child. The mission of the school is to inspire in our students a life-long love of learning and pursuit of academic excellence, to promote understanding of and respect for the diversity that makes our society strong, and to encourage active and responsible citizenship. More information about the school can be obtained on our website:

Heads Up was founded in 1987 as a partnership between the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) and Head-Royce School. For 25 years, Heads Up has provided low-income middle school students from OUSD with challenging and enriching educational programs to prepare them for academic success and an appreciation for civic involvement.

Heads Up emphasizes academic growth, continuity, and relationship building through a yearlong program that is free to participants. In addition to the rigorous six-week summer program, Heads Up participants return to campus regularly during the school year to meet with teachers and peers. Students participate from grades 6-9 with optional programming available grades 10-12.


-Teach age appropriate, grade level curriculum to assigned students on assigned classroom topic.

-Support the facilitation of an engaging, effective and happy learning environment.

-Meet all expectations of professional conduct and serve as positive role model for students.

-Meet all expectations concerning curriculum design and submit curricular plans to Associate Director of Programs prior to the first day of the program.

-Prepare classroom using supplies and materials provided by the Heads Up Program and or additional materials needed to run classroom.

-Supervise and provide constructive professional feedback to the assigned Heads Up Program Teaching Intern.

-Collaborate with Heads Up Dean of Students and Faculty to evaluate assigned Heads Up Program Teaching Intern through formalized assessment process.

-Write and prepare narrative reports for each student assigned in class by the end of the six week Summer.

-Communicate with Associate Director of Programs, Heads Up Dean of Students and Faculty and Parent(s) concerning serious academic or behavior problems concerning students.

-Communicate with Associate Director of Programs concerning classroom activities and events to keep parents and broader Heads Up Community informed.

-Participate in all scheduled orientations, meetings and trainings.

-Assist with the facilitation of Friday Heads Up student workshops.

-Supervise and assist with chaperoning students on field trips.

-Ensure classroom is left in the condition it was at the beginning of the session.

-Fulfill any other reasonable duties as assigned, ie: locker room, recess or Lincoln Avenue dismissal duty.


All candidates must possess a minimum of two years classroom experience in a Middle or Upper School setting. Two years of independent lead teaching recommended. A minimum Bachelor of Arts degree required. All candidates for this position must have current first aid and CPR certification by the first day of the program. Head-Royce will offer the CPR/FIRST AID course for your convenience on Thursday June 1 from 9am-4pm for a small fee. Employees may take any certified First Aid/CPR course to satisfy this requirement. Candidates should also possess strong interpersonal communication skills and ability to relate with people from a variety of educational, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Knowledge of child development, learning styles, curriculum design a plus. Other essential qualities important to the position are the ability to be professional, fun, caring and energetic when necessary.

Applications & Process:

Applicants seeking employment should fill out the appropriate online application below. Please fill out one application based on the category that best describes you.

Please go to the following link and click on “Heads Up Program Teacher” to apply:

All new candidates are required to submit an additional cover letter and resumé after submitting the appropriate online application to Teacher Candidates may be offered an opportunity to interview for the position.


Head-Royce is committed to attracting and retaining outstanding employees through competitive compensation.

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