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Head Teacher Position/Upper SChool 5th Grade

Head Classroom Teacher
(Full-Time Position)
Opportunity to work in a respectful and equitable progressive school founded in 1925. Work in a school that centers around an old Victorian mansion and exquisite oak trees on a six-acre campus filled with enthusiastic nursery through eighth-grade students. Peninsula School is a day school for 250 children 3-14 years of age. As well as addressing the acquisition of academic skills, the school places strong emphasis on the arts. Children are encouraged to express themselves freely and creatively in many ways. They are grouped in multi-age classes with 18-21 children in a class. The school has a welcoming and supportive administrative staff, a diverse community of parents, and open-minded teachers all dedicated to social justice, a love of children, and inclusivity.
Head Classroom Teacher Position (Upper School – 5th grade)
Upper School Program (5th-8th)
The Upper School consists of a fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade class, each with about 21 students. Each class has a Head Classroom Teacher and one Teaching Assistant. The Upper School teaching team has two additional head teachers without specific classroom assignments – the Swing Teacher works cooperatively with the classroom teachers, teaches his/her own units within each grade level, teaches a math class, and coordinates the Upper School teaching team and programs, and the Upper School Science Teacher is responsible for providing classroom science units either once weekly or in science blocks, as well as during the daily Activities period. The Science teacher is currently also responsible for one of the math classes, and is an active participant in camping trips.
The members of the Upper School staff work closely together, sequencing curriculum, coordinating calendars and often co-teaching. The six Head Teachers share the responsibility of the math program for the four grades. An important element of the Upper School is the Choice Program which consists of special seminars open to all Upper School students and is taught by head teachers, assistants, specialty teachers and, sometimes, other members of the community. Twice-yearly camping trips are another essential part of the Upper School curriculum. As a group, the Upper School teachers take responsibility for the well being of all the students in the Upper School.  The Upper School program is provided autonomy and flexibility in their classrooms to enable them to best serve the needs of their students. 
Head Classroom Teacher – General Responsibilities
Each Upper School Head Teacher is responsible for creating and maintaining a classroom environment that provides stimulating learning opportunities and nurtures friendship, direct communication and respectful relationships. The teacher is responsible for fostering and supporting the individual personal growth of each child, socially, emotionally physically and academically, by encouraging them to make choices for themselves, resolve conflicts productively, respect their own feelings and those of others. The Upper School Head Teacher supports students in exercising independence and making choices within a framework of available academic and artistic pursuits.  S/he collaborates with specialty teachers in science, art, library, woodshop, ceramics, weaving, music, Spanish, math and drama.  In order to do this effectively, s/he works in partnership with the student’s parents and consults with other members of the staff. Additionally, s/he guides and supports the efforts of the Teaching Assistant with whom s/he works.  The Head Classroom Teacher performs her/his duties consistent with the mission, core values and core beliefs of Peninsula School.
Head Classroom Teacher – Specific Duties and Responsibilities
Each Upper School Head Teacher must have the ability to assume the responsibilities of any Upper School Head Classroom Teacher position, including:
•  Plan and implement a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade curriculum that is a developmentally appropriate program with a strong focus on social/emotional problem solving and cooperation
•  Help students to learn to write clearly, to think both rationally and intuitively, to read and retrieve information and to explore their place in the world
•  Plan and implement a 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th grade math program
•  Offer a choice for each session of the Choice Program
•  Organize and lead a camping trip in the fall and in the spring
•  Meet with parents for conferences at least twice a year and provide additional conferences as needed or requested
•  Organize and facilitate parent meetings at least twice a year
•  Attend weekly staff meetings and Inservices
Each Upper School Head Teacher must have the ability to assume the responsibilities of the Swing Teacher position, including:
•  Plan and implement a 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade math program
•  Co-teach with, and give support to, the other four Upper School teachers
•  Plan and present study units in coordination with classroom curriculum
•  Coordinate the Upper School Choice Program
•  Offer a choice for each session of the Choice Program
•  Coordinate fall and spring camping trips for all four classes
•  Help head classroom teachers lead camping trips
•  Attend conferences and parent meetings as needed or requested
•  Attend weekly staff meetings and In-services
•  Coordinate the Upper School Levels meetings (agendas, notes, outcomes)
•  Represent the Upper School on a number of staff committees
Passionate about working with 9-14 year old students, mastery and sensitivity in negotiating pre-teen issues, skilled in building a close rapport with children in this age group, willingness to communicate effectively with staff and discuss issues with parents, and experienced in offering a multi-cultural and diversity lens in teaching children.  Must be a flexible and collaborative team member.  BA required; teaching credential and/or teaching experience preferred
TO APPLY:  Peninsula School is an equal opportunity employer and we actively promote the principles and practices of diversity throughout the school community. We offer competitive compensation and a progressive community dedicated to learning and engaged citizenship.  We encourage people of under-represented groups to apply ( Please send cover letter and resume, in MS word or PDF format, to or fax to (650) 325-1313 by April 6, 2014. 
Peninsula School
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