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Grades 7-8 Learning Specialist

Grades 7-8 Learning Specialist
August 2014
Reports to Upper School Division Head
80% FTE
Marin Country Day School is looking for a gifted educator who is passionate about teaching and meeting the needs of seventh and eighth grade students with mild learning differences within a rich and rigorous curriculum. We seek an educator with a demonstrated background and or interest in curriculum development, technology integration, environmental sustainability, and cultural competency. Also, we seek an educator with the belief in teaching with the interests of the whole child in mind, through careful attention to a developed advisory curriculum.  Our approach and philosophy centers around collaboration, thoughtful innovation, team building and leveraging diverse and multiple perspectives. 
Our Statement of Community and Inclusion* highlights our mission:
Our school is a community that
Inspires children to develop a love of learning,
thoughtful perspectives and a diversity of skills;
Nurtures in each of them a deep sense of
respect, responsibility and compassion; and
Challenges them to envision and to work toward a better world.
as well as proclaims, “Ours is a Community that would be uncomfortable without diversity and, therefore, has been intentional about creating and nurturing a diverse group of adults and children who share the core values of respect, responsibility and compassion.  As such, to realize successfully our mission and values, each of us must actively help build and cultivate our multifaceted community by developing cultural competency.
Job Requirements

  • a minimum of three years experience as a learning specialist
  • Masters Degree in special education, reading, literacy or Board Certified Educational Therapist


  • Case management of students with learning differences
  • Work with individuals and/or small groups of students
  • Consult with teachers and support differentiation in the classroom
  • Review screenings and evaluations with parents, teachers, and evaluators to design a support plan
  • Help teachers/support teachers implement recommended classroom accommodations and interventions
  • Make referrals to appropriate outside specialists
  • Arrange for on campus one-on-one tutoring
  • Manage billing for on-campus tutoring for students in grades 7-8
  • Communicate with parents, tutors, specialists, and teachers as needed
  • Coordinate annual ERB testing and meet with parents to review individual student results
  • Coordinate accommodations for SSAT testing
  • Work closely with K-2, 3-4 and 5-6 Learning Specialists to ensure continuity
  • Work closely with Upper School Division Head and Upper School Counselor
  • Attend Upper School division meetings
  • Attend Student Support Services meetings
  • Attend weekly Grade Level Team meetings

MCDS is an equal opportunity employer and promotes the principles and practices
of diversity and inclusion throughout the school community.  Salary and benefits at high NAIS levels.

Marin Country Day School
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