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Gr. 7-8 Social Studies Teacher

Social Studies Teacher (Grades 7-8)
Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco/Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School is seeking excellent candidates for a Social Studies Teacher (Grades 7-8) to begin in August, 2014.
School Profile
Four halls of learning, one Sacred Heart mission, for 125 years in San Francisco: Schools of the Sacred Heart is an independent, Catholic family of schools committed to academic excellence within the context of a Christian, faith-based community. Our sibling elementary and high schools offer a contemporary approach to single-sex education in a vibrant co-ed community. The schools are organized into four academic divisions, each led by a Head of School, with a central administration and a shared mission, rooted in the 200-year tradition of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
Position Description
Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School (girls, K-8), seeks Social Studies Teacher to teach two sections of US History and two sections of World History.   This position will need to work closely and collaboratively with Middle Form colleagues, to serve as an advisor for 7th or 8th grade, to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles, and to understand the developmental needs of young adolescents.

  • requires a BA/BS degree (Masters degree, certification or credential is strongly preferred)
  • requires 2+ years experience working with children in relevant grade levels
  • requires knowledge and proficiency in Social Studies curriculum 
  • requires excellent oral and written communication skills
  • requires the ability to work well with both children and adults
  • requires excellent organizational skills
  • requires integration of technology into the curriculum and familiarity with electronic communication modes, including integration and supervision of a 1 :1 iPad pilot program

How To Apply:
Applicants should submit an Employment Application for Schools of the Sacred Heart, a cover letter, and current resume to:  

Angela Taylor, Head of School

Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School- Schools of the Sacred Heart
Contact Phone Number