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Full Time Dean of Students

Overview of the School:

Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco is a college preparatory, co-educational day school serving approximately 460 students from grades 9-12. Founded in 1895 as a technical arts school and tuition free until 1972, LWHS has a long history of welcoming and supporting students from all walks of life and prides itself on being a private school with public purpose. At LWHS, a diverse student body, faculty, and staff in all its forms is central to what we believe constitutes an excellent education, and we are institutionally committed to ongoing and reflective work in order to further define and articulate this complex and worthwhile vision.

Overview of the Position:

Major Responsibility:
The Dean of Students reports directly to the Head of School, is responsible for students’ well being – intellectual, ethical, behavioral, emotional, and mental – and manages co-curricular programs that help students reach their maximum potential at Lick-Wilmerding. The Dean of Students collaborates with and supervises individuals working in these domains. The Dean of Students serves as a mediator between faculty and students and as a nexus between the School, the students, and their parents or guardians. The Dean of Students is a member of the Administrative Team and the Teaching, Learning and Leadership Team, and chairs the Student Support Services team and the Safety Committee. In partnership with the Head of School, and the Dean of Academics & Instruction, the Dean of Students is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school. The Dean of Students may teach one class throughout the year.

Administration Team Responsibilities:
• Collaborates with the Academic Administration Team in designing and reviewing school policies
• Collaborates with the Academic Administration Team in designing the calendar
• Manages and oversees the creation of the yearly calendar
• Along with the Team, monitors the general safety of the members of the school community, and, with the harassment committee, addresses concerns about harassment or discrimination in any form
• Along with the Team, monitors the implementation of the L-W Crisis Management Plan, responds to school emergencies, and works collaboratively with other administrators in emergency situations
• Collaborates with the Head of School and Dean of Academics & Instruction on the hiring process
• Leads CRP teams each semester for faculty support and evaluation
• Supervises Ethics Chair(s)

Student Support Responsibilities:
• Leads the Student Support Services (SSS) team (Grade Level Deans, Dean of Academics & Instruction, the Director of Learning Services, the Director of Student Inclusion, Leadership & Civic Engagement, and the Personal Counselors); works with its members to identify, monitor and support students experiencing any difficulties
• Oversees the Advisory system, and works with the Grade Level Deans to design and implement the advising program
• Leads training and evaluation of advisors
• Mediates between teachers, parents and/or students to resolve conflicts and questions; advocates for students when appropriate

Student Discipline Responsibilities:
• Manages student academic and discipline problems
• Reviews quarter and semester grades to refer students for academic support and/or who place them on academic probation
• Writes probation letters and/or general information letters to parents/guardians of students with disciplinary or academic problems
• Monitors the progress of students on academic or disciplinary probation
• Works with grade level deans, parents, teacher(s) and advisor of students with academic, personal or disciplinary problems
• Works with grade level deans and receptionist in monitoring attendance and unexcused absences

Student Leadership and Activities Responsibilities:
• Supervises and collaborates with the Director of Student Inclusion, Leadership & Civic Engagement in oversight of the Student Council and student clubs
• Organizes finances and safety of school dances and events; supervises faculty chaperones
• Supports the Director of Student Inclusion, Leadership & Civic Engagement in oversight of the Peer Mentoring Program
• Coordinates leadership training programs for student programs mentioned above

Event Leadership and Planning Responsibilities:
• Assemblies and Community Meetings
• Back-to-School Night
• Parent-Advisor Conferences
• Class events (e.g.: TGIF) in collaboration with Student leaders, Grade Level Deans and the Director of Inclusion, Leadership & Civic Engagement
• Graduation

In addition:
• Supports the 11th/12th Grade Dean in oversight of Senior Retreat, Senior Evening and the Faculty/Senior Social
• Supports the 9th/10th Grade Dean in oversight of Freshman Orientation and New Parent Orientation

Communications Responsibilities:
• Collaborates with the Manager of Academic Information Systems and the Director of Communications on the production of Day Planner and Student Handbook
• Leads annual review of behavioral policies for the Student Handbook
• Communicates with faculty and staff regarding events and relevant policies
• Communicates with L-W families regarding upcoming events, new school schedules, parent/advisor conferences, etc.
• Presents at Parent Association meetings when requested by the Head of School and/or the President of the PA
• Meets regularly with PA President to hear parent concerns
• Advises PA on class-related and PA-sponsored events

• Demonstrated commitment to equity and diversity work
• Bachelor’s degree though an advanced degree is preferred
• At least five years of classroom teaching experience, preferably at the High School level
• Sincere interest in working with adolescents, their parents, and the adults who mentor them
• A sense of humor and an ability to balance the needs of multiple constituencies
• Attention to detail and strong organizational and communication skills

How to Apply:

To apply, please submit a cover letter, résumé, statement of educational philosophy, and contact information for three references in MS Word or .pdf format to No calls or faxes, please. In your cover letter:

1. Discuss a technique you have used in your teaching and/or your other work in schools to ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to learn and engage with the community.
2. Discuss your approach to working with adolescents when they commit act that challenges the fabric of community at the school.

The period for accepting applications for this position will close on 2/21

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