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Farm and Garden Manager

Farm and Garden Manager
Children’s Day School (CDS) in San Francisco is seeking a Farm and Garden Manager to oversee the school’s farm and garden and to teach classes. CDS has a small garden and farm with two sheep and three chickens in the heart of the Mission. The Farm and Garden Manager will take responsibility for all aspects of the site including care of the animals, planting and harvesting crops, making sure the barn and coop are cleaned and maintained and managing the environmental kitchen. The Farm and Garden Manager will supervise any assistants and/or after school farm and garden teachers. This is a full time, twelve-month position.
Farm and Garden classes at CDS have three core curricular objectives: 
·  To cultivate empathy for the natural world by creating opportunities to observe and interact with plants, animals and soil (25% of instruction time).
·  To practice stewardship for the land and develop a sense of place by engaging in seasonally driven work to maintain the farm and garden (25% of instruction time).
·  To provide students with a knowledge of sustainable farming and gardening practices and how these issues relate to student’s own lives (50% of instructions time). The ideal candidate will bring dedication and passion to teaching students about gardening, cooking and caring for farm animals in the context of sustainability. Most important, the ideal candidate will inspire all students to be lifelong learners committed to caring for nature.
·  Teach gardening, cooking and animal care classes to preschool-4th grade students.
o   Write curriculum when needed.
o   Implement and improve current curriculum related to sustainable farming and gardening practices.

·  Meet regularly with the Farm and Garden Assistant Teacher to prepare in advance for classes.
o   Provide guidance to assistant teacher when needed.
o   Help assistant teacher plan ahead for daily lessons.
·  Manage the school’s farm and garden. 
o   Oversee the Family Farmer program.
o   Train and supervise the after school teacher that is closing the farm and keep them updated on changes.
o   Maintain all aspects of the garden, farm and kitchen.
o   Facilitate the school’s efforts to “green” the campus.
o   Help manage the Sustainability Fair.

·  Knowledge of plant propagation, soil fertility, garden planning and crop rotation, animal husbandry and compost management
·  Knowledge of terminology and concepts associated with cooking, gardening and farming

·  Physically capable of heavy work in the farm and garden
·  Comfortable working with sheep and chickens
·  Strong communication and organizational skills
·  Committed to professional development
·  Strong collaboration skills
·  Possess classroom management skills and Responsive Classroom training
Salary will be based on qualifications and experience. Excellent benefits offered including medical, dental and vision insurance and a retirement plan.
CDS is an equal opportunity employer.
Contact Information
Send resume, cover letter and names of 3 references. Email preferred.
Andrei Ferrera
Children's Day School
333 Dolores Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Children’s Day School
Contact Phone Number
415-861-5432, x312