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Elementary Art Teacher (Maternity Leave Fall 2014)


Substitute for maternity leave 
Town School for Boys / Grades K‐4 / 2014 
Desired Qualifications and Skills 
Bachelor’s Degree 
2 years teaching experience 
Strong ability to work collaboratively 
Art and art education expertise 
Full time/M‐F September 1 – October 17th, 
60% time M/T/Th October 20‐December 1.  
Teaching Responsibilities 
Prepare and implement lessons (grades K‐4). 
Collaborate with Art Co‐Teacher on shared curriculum, organization of art room, management 
of supplies, and school displays. 
Co‐mentor an Art Intern Teacher. 
Maintain established classroom procedures and a positive learning environment. 
Collaborate with grade level classroom teachers. 
Perform other school related duties such as supervising children on the playground, attending 
meetings, contacting parents, and writing progress reports.  
Please send a resume and cover letter to: 
Town School for Boys 
2750 Jackson Street 
San Francisco, CA 94115 
Town School for Boys
Contact Phone Number