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Director ofTechnology

Reports to:  Head of SchoolStatus:            Full Time; Exempt
 Overview of the School:
Lick-Wilmerding High School in San Francisco is a college preparatory, co-educational day school serving approximately 460 students from grades 9-12. Founded in 1895 as a technical arts school and tuition free until 1972, LWHS has a long history of welcoming and supporting students from all walks of life and prides itself on being a private school with public purpose. At LWHS, a diverse student body, faculty, and staff in all its forms is central to what we believe constitutes an excellent education, and we are institutionally committed to ongoing and reflective work in order to further define and articulate this complex and worthwhile vision.
 Job Description
 Major Responsibilities:
TheDirectorofTechnologyprovidesoverallstrategicdirectionandaccountabilityforall internalinformationtechnologyincludingnetworkandcomputeroperations,server,storage, applications,businesssystems,intranetdevelopment,security,telecommunicationsand compliance.Inaddition,responsibilitiesincludestrategicandvisionaryleadershipofall areasofschooltechnologyincludingcampusoperations,highschooltechnologyeducation, andclassroomtechnologyintegration.
TheDirectorofTechnology maintainscommercial-grade infrastructurecomponents includingenterpriseservers(directory,web, etc.)in amixedclient/serverenvironment; maintainscampus-widewirelessnetworkontopofstablewiredinfrastructure;andengages incontractnegotiationandvendormanagement.
 General Responsibilities:

Workswithsenioradministrationtodevelopstrategicandtacticaltechnologyplans whichsupportthegoalsoftheschool

Managestheinformationalservicesprovidedtotheschoolcommunity,both directlyand withappropriatestaff

Leadseffortstocontinuouslyanalyzecurrentandfutureapplicationstosupportschool operations

Coordinateswithdepartmentstodesign,implement,andsupportallschoolneedsby negotiatingwithconsultants,vendorsandtechnicalpersonnelforservicesandproducts

Developsandmanagescapitalandoperationalbudgetsforthetechnologydepartmentas wellasreviewingandapprovingalltechnology-relatedpurchases











Responsibleforentirecomputingenvironmentacrosscampus(labs,faculty-staff equipmentandschoolservers)


StrongknowledgeofcriticalnetworkoperationsaroundActiveDirectory,Open Directory,LDAP,RADIUS,DHCP,DNSandVLANs

MaintainsallaspectsofKerioEmail/Groupwaresystem(SMTPS,IMAPS,ActiveSync, clientdevices)

Maintains Symantec Backup Exec backup system (with Network Administrator) and all remote agents on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Manages and augment VLAN infrastructure running 10 different network segments for Faculty, Staff, Student and administrative use running on HP ProCurve switches.

Maintains and adjusts campus-wide wireless network with approx 25 access points serving multiple WLANS for Faculty, Staff, and back-end use running on Ruckus equipment

Serves as technical lead on school Student Information System and website system running Whipple Hill ‘s Podium in an ASP environment that serves all internal and external community for the school and the various integrations with third-party websites (Alet1Now, etc.)

Maintains school business-related network services around Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge

Maintains firewalls, cache and software update servers and content-filtering  systems sitting on the different gateways for the different network segments and internet connections

 Maintains and adjust the multiple fiber-optic network cabling that connects the various buildings across the campus to each other and back to MPOE and server room

Maintains use of DeployStudio for network imaging of client computers in the labs and for Faculty/Staff

Monitors and augments school ‘s internal Nagios-based network services monitoring and alerting system

Maintains (with Network Administrator) the central anti-virus services for servers and client computers where appropriate based in Trend Micro

Troubleshoot network topology issues, when necessary with packet analysis tools such as WireShark to isolate and address possible network irregularities

Maintains and utilizes computer lab management image protection software the school uses to ensure client computer consistency based in Faronics Deep-Freeze.

Possesses strong knowledge of database tools and management for mysql and MS SQL for management of back-end databases used in network services since as the library systems server, Podium and others

Maintains internal webservers for specific internal uses running lIS and Apache

Sets and continues consistent network device (printers, switches, other) naming conventions across the campus

Handles academic software for use across the departments

Maintains software licensing requirements across entire school and various support and maintenance agreements with vendors


At least three years of experience managing a team that supports technology in an organization.

Ability to manage multiple tasks and projects on an ongoing basis

Patience, humor, strong work ethic, and dedication to life long learning

BS or BA, with an MA or MS preferred in related field

Experience working in schools and/or non-profit setting preferred

Ability and desire to work with many different constituencies

Enjoys being around and working with adolescents

 How to Apply:
To apply, please submit a cover letter, résumé,, and contact information for three references in MS Word or .pdf format to No calls or faxes, please. In your cover letter address:

How your experience will benefit Lick-Wilmerding High School’s use of technology; and

Your commitment to working with and supporting a diverse community of students and adults.

The position comes with full benefits and compensation is dependent on experience. The position begins July 1, 2013 and will remain open until filled. Finalist interviews will be conducted on June 27th and June 28th.

Lick-Wilmerding High School
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