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Director of Inclusion

Director of Inclusion
Children’s Day Schools seeks a passionate and experienced individual to join our community in a senior administrative role as the Director of Inclusion. The Director of Inclusion collaborates with all school constituencies, including students, faculty, staff, administration, and parents, to promote and inspire the atmosphere of respect and inclusion underscored by the school’s Mission. The Director of Inclusion is responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of a comprehensive strategy to create an inclusive community for all stakeholders. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated leadership skills in the areas of diversity, inclusion and/or multicultural education. The Director of Inclusion will possess a history of turning ideas into action and a strong desire and proven ability to prepare and inspire people to become informed advocates for social justice.
Specific Responsibilities include:
•    Work with the Head of School and Division Heads to provide strategic direction and leadership for  diversity and inclusion programming initiatives that impact the social and emotional health of the school
•    Advocate for the needs of students, families and teachers
•    Assist in developing and implementing strategies to monitor and evaluate progress in creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for students.
•    Design, deliver, and supervise the implementation of inclusion presentations, teacher training, and other strategies that promote diversity, equity, inclusion and campus cultural proficiency
•    Work directly with students to develop cultural competencies, conflict resolution skills and advocacy skills
•    Work with faculty to support the ongoing development of multicultural and inclusive curriculum
•    Identify and support leadership opportunities for students as advocates for inclusions
•    Identify and support leadership opportunities for faculty and administrators as advocates for inclusions
•    Plan professional development for faculty and staff and participate in new faculty orientation
•    Coordinate, develop, and support specific inclusion initiatives and programs, including the Affinity Groups program
•    Lead and coordinate the work of the Committee on Inclusion and Diversity
•    Work closely with Admissions, Advancement, and Communications Offices and with Parents Association liaisons on initiatives or issues relating to inclusion
•    Work closely with Head of School and CFO to communicate and implement consistent policies and practices for all faculty and staff regarding diversity
•    Monitor and respond to internal and external trends and developments regarding diversity.
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